Shri Neelakanta Iyer
Shri Neelakanta Iyer

Shri Neelakanta Iyer is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has more than 36 years of experience. He holds Bachelor Degree of Science in Zoology from University College of Trivandrum and also has done Chartered Accountancy in Finance from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Delhi. His areas of specialization include Funds Management, Budgeting, Cost controls & reduction, Funds raising, Cash flow management and ERP implementation.
Shri Neelakanta Iyer, during his career spanning over 36 years had held several important positions, including Chief Executive Officer, wherein he was instrumental in setting up a greenfield BPO Company for handling accounting and book keeping jobs from across the globe. He had also served as Financial Controller, Revenue Controller, Financial Advisor and Consultant Chartered Accountant with key focus on streamlining the financial operations, preparation of Corporate Plans for restructuring & diversification, Financial Management, Taxation etc.  
Shri Neelakanta Iyer is presently serving as a Consultant, providing consultancy for Small, Medium & Large Business and also to Government of India. His notable assignments with Government of India are Project for Commercial Accounting in the Postal Department, Financial Management of Brihat Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Registration & Management of Non-Government Organizations.