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12 JAN 2015
HAL Hands-over the First Overhauled Su-30 MKI; Defence Minister Lauds the Unique Feat

HAL Hands-over the First Overhauled Su-30 MKI; Defence Minister Lauds the Unique Feat
The Defence Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar handing over acceptance certificates of the first overhauled Su-30 MkI, SB 027 to the Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, Chief of the Air Staff at a function in Nashik on January 9, 2015. HAL Chairman, Dr. R.K. Tyagi, (second from right), Mr. K.K. Pant (right), Joint Secretary (Aero), Mr. S. Subrahmayan (second from left), Managing Director of MiG Complex (HAL) are also seen.
Bengaluru/Nashik, January 9, 2015:

HAL handed the first overhauled Su-30 MKI (SB 027) aircraft to the India Air Force through the Defence Minister, Mr. Manohar Parrikar at a ceremony held at HAL Nashik today. Su-30MKI is currently the backbone of fighter fleet with IAF. Speaking on the occasion, the Defence Minister lauded the efforts made by HAL in absorbing technology and described the Nashik employees as “excellent and motivated workforce”.  He said India would continue to need fighter planes such as Su-30s due to not so friendly neighbourhood. He urged the employees to keep-up the good work towards increasing the production capacity. “We are one family and let us work together”, he said.

The Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, Chief of the Air Staff said the Indian Air Force would continue to depend on HAL heavily in future too. “We both are inter-dependent”, he added.

Dr. R.K. Tyagi, Chairman, HAL said the second aircraft is ready for delivery. “HAL will also act as a single window OEM for supporting Su-30MKI fleet.  We are confident of improving the serviceability and ramp up capacity”, he added. He pointed out that five participating divisions (Nasik, Koraput, Lucknow, Korwa, and Hyderabad) of MiG and Accessories complexes of HAL are involved in the mega program.

The Su-30 overhaul facility at HAL Nashik is only of its kind in the world and has export prospect since nearly 10 countries have Su-30 fleet.

The Defence Minister handed over acceptance certificates of the first overhauled Su-30 MkI, SB 027 and 150th Su-30 MkI (SB 190, manufactured by HAL) to the CAS.

Mr. S. Subrahmayan, Managing Director of MiG Complex welcomed the gathering. Mr. K.K. Pant, Joint Secretary (Aero), Mr. Harishchandra Chavan, (M.P.), Hemant Godse (M.P.), Mr. Anil Kadam (MLA, Niphad) and large number of HAL employees were present the occasion.

Ten new shops and existing facilities like pipeline overhaul, plating/process and shops of Aircraft Manufacturing Divisions are extensively used during the overhaul (ROH). Tentative Repair Technical Documents (RTD) were received from Russia. During the overhaul process, the technologies have been finalised with the help of Russian and HAL experts. There are 2478 number of tasks/technology process to execute the complete overhaul of aircraft. Online system for tracking/monitoring of parts are also established.
HAL Hands-over the First Overhauled Su-30 MKI; Defence Minister Lauds the Unique Feat
The first overhauled Su-30 MkI, SB 027.
After overhaul (ROH), the first Su-30MKI aircraft - SB 027 is ready for the service of the nation and as a result of the establishment of ROH facilities, the serviceability levels of Su-30 MKI fleet will enhance greatly resulting in strengthening of the Indian Air Defence capabilities.

The twin-seater, long range, multi-role, air superiority Su-30 MKI aircraft are being overhauled at HAL Nashik for the first time in the world on completion of the specified TBO (Time between Overhaul) life, given to it after manufacturing. During overhaul, an aircraft undergoes stripping to skeleton level, checking and reconditioning of each and every repairable component, incorporating more than 600 modifications, replacing the non-repairable defective/life expired components and finally rebuilding it to original configuration of latest standard of Su 30 MKI aircraft. During overhaul more than 10000 lines of unique part numbers, amounting to nearly 75000 quantities are processed, reconditioned, repaired, overhauled and assembled back on the aircraft. After successful testing of various systems on ground and in air, as per stipulated flight profiles, the aircraft is certified to fly for next assigned TBO life. At present, the TTL (Total Technical Life) of the aircraft is 6000hrs/25 years.

Overhauling process starts when aircraft along with document is received in ARS (Aircraft Receiving Section), incoming test are performed and de-painting of total structure is done. During aircraft dismantling, major components such as engines, wings, control surfaces are dismantled first and detail dismantling to remove various aggregates/pipelines, flight control rods /bell cranks, fabricated and standard parts etc. are carried out thereafter. The parts dismantled and pre-surveyed are sent to the concerned overhaul shops for further operations/processes.

Aggregates of various systems such as Mechanical system, Landing Gear system, Aircraft Armament system, Aeronautical Equipment system, Electrical systems, Avionics systems are overhauled to give it new TBO life. Broadly, the procedure involved are dismantling, fault finding, part reconditioning/replacement, assembly and testing. Seven hundred and forty such variety of aggregates are involved from all overhauling shops of Nasik and sister Divisions.

HAL teams from project planning, technologists, shop floor personnel, production engineering, quality, maintenance personnel, etc. exhibited high level of professionalism to establish Su-30ROH facilities, technology proving, mastering and freezing of technology, concurrently. Specialists from Russia supported and contributed in the process.