New Initiatives
New Initiatives of the Vigilance Department
  • Review of Works and Contracts Manual
  • Revision of HAL Vigilance Manuals
  • Change in Logo of Vigilance keeping in sync with objectives and present day times
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • Exploring implementation of e-Awas (e-enabled quarters allotment system)
  • Induction of Officials into Vigilance Dept from diverse background, to make it a heterogeneous workforce with an aim to deliver multi-pronged anti corruption service armed with varied professional competencies.
  • PRAYAS: A compendium of selected Vigilance cases which bring out acts of violation of rules and procedures to prevent recurrence. It also aims to share experience with regard to investigations for Vigilance professionals.
  • Transparency in Public Procurement: A booklet was released during the VAW 2012 by the chairman HAL.
  • OLIV (Online Vigilance Clearance System)
  • Data Centre
  • Sensitizing Selection Committees for Recruitment.
  • HAL-Pedia