Communication plays a very vital role in our day to day lives. It is an integral part of any discussion, deliberation, meeting, negotiation, argument, debate, discourse, conversation /dialogue etc. Though the significance of written  communication cannot be underestimated in any manner; oral communication  is boundary-less and more human centric as it involves and conveys emotions,  expressions etc. It is an effective tool to CONNECT human beings  instantaneously and spontaneously.

We in the Vigilance Department, continuously strive to spread awareness Company wide. It is in this context that an interaction on a one-to-one basis with various executives of the Company on issues of transparency, accountability and integrity assume vital importance.

For the Vigilance Awareness Period 2010-2011, the emphasis of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is on increasing awareness. In line with CVC's  stress on Preventive Vigilance and increasing awareness, Team Vigilance, HAL  has conceptualized SAMPARK, our new Preventive Vigilance initiative. Team  Vigilance will SAMPARK you in your Divisions with specific inputs on various  sensitive areas and share with you, insights gained over the years. 

The attempt in SAMPARK is to deal with issues from a comprehensive and macro perspective based on all round experience gained from a plethora of cases company wide. 

The Vigilance Department led by the Chief Vigilance Officer himself would bring SAMPARK to your Divisions' doorsteps and interact as well as connect with you in this endeavour to improve transparency and fair play in all our dealings.

The focus is on real time issues that an average executive encounters in his day to day official life. The emphasis is on Vigilance issues from an executive's point of view and not on theoretical construct of Vigilance or its  ethical dimensions.

SAMPARK endeavours to make Executives self sufficient in matters of Vigilance and thereby empower them to work effectively and efficiently, without misplaced fear of punitive Vigilance action.

A 2 Hour presentation by experienced and Senior Vigilance functionaries on main issues of concern like Procurement and Outsourcing, Personal Vigilance and Rationale in Decision Making, Recruitment and Works etc will be made. The presentation covers the problem areas in the topics mentioned based on actual Vigilance Cases. The CVO would himself steer, monitor and moderate the proceedings which will be followed by an open house question and answer session.

The Question and Answer Session is aimed at addressing the pertinent situations focused on the issues at hand. Vigilance Department appeals to all its fellow employees to raise queries specific to the issues of discussion at the end of the presentation on all topics to make SAMPARK truly rewarding for all concerned.

The Schedule of the interaction is to SAMPARK one Division a fortnight. The aim is to SAMPARK all the Divisions of HAL by the end of the present Financial Year.

The General Managers, Executive Directors and Managing Directors are contacted well in advance for SAMPARK at their respective places, to be finalized on mutually convenient dates.

Vigilance Department earnestly requests the Managing Directors and the General Managers to support our SAMPARK initiative and help us bridge the perception disconnect between the Management, the Officer Community at large and the Vigilance Department.