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Aerospace Systems & Equipment R & D Centre (ASERDC) was established in 1973 and has been engaged in applied research, design & development of all major systems & equipment for aircraft, helicopter and engine using state of the art technology.
ASERDC Lucknow
The Centre is fully equipped with well qualified designers, testing facilities for Functional / Life Testing, simulation and analysis tools, Prototype Shop for Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Fuel, Electrical and Electronic System LRUs. Actuators, Pumps, Wheels and Brakes, Control Valves and Sensors are other products from this Centre.  

The Centre holds recognition & approval from CEMILAC and DGCA for military and civil applications, respectively. The QMS is accredited to AS 9100D, ISO 14001.

The Centre has design & developed over 425 LRUs duly type approved for Indigenous/Licensor platforms. Hydraulic pump for their PSLV and GSLV project and actuators are its contributions to Space Programs.
Electrical Rotating Machines
Electrical Rotating MachinesA DC Starter- Generator, part of Aircraft Power Generation System serving as high torque DC Motor to start the Engine and operates as DC Generator after completion of Engine starting cycle.
Electrical Power Control, Protection & Distribution System
Electrical Power Control, Protection & Distribution SystemDistribution, Utilisation, Control and Protection of AC or DC Power for normal and emergency system of the aircraft while feeding to various loads on board is accomplished through these systems.
Fuel Gauging Probe
Fuel Gauging ProbeFCG Probe is capacitance based sensor, used to measure the fuel content in the aircraft /helicopter. 
Processor Based Instrument Sensor
Processor Based Instrument SensorThe Centre has capability to design & develop processor based digital instrument sensors.
Environmental Control System
Environmental Control SystemBootstrap or open-Air Cycle Machines, controls and protection devices comprise this system to provide comfortable conditions in cockpit and cabin through air-conditioning, pressurization and humidity control. The avionics and electrical equipment bay of the aircraft are also cooled by this system
Hydraulic System LRUs
Hydraulic System LRUsThe Centre has developed various types of Hydraulic Pumps, Boot Strap Reservoirs, , Electro Selectors,
 Accumulators, Relief Valves, Filters and NRVs.
Hydraulic Actuators
Hydraulic ActuatorsThe Centre has developed variety of Actuators including Undercarriage Door Actuator and Air Brake Actuators upto 4000 psi system.
Wheels & Brake System
Wheels & Brake SystemASERDC has proven design competence to develop Wheels & Brakes with conventional brake pads i.e. metallo-ceramic brake pads and state-of-the-art carbon-carbon composite heat pack.