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Brief History

HAL Accessories Division, Lucknow was established in year 1970 with a prime objective of manufacturing aircraft systems and accessories for Aircrafts, Helicopters and Engines. HAL Lucknow facilities are spread over 116,000 sqm of built area set in sylvan surroundings. At present, over 1400 different types of accessories are being manufactured and / or maintained by Accessories Division, Lucknow. 

Currently, the division is manufacturing various Accessories of following aircraft systems under one roof:  
  • Hydraulics 
  • Engine Fuel
  • Air-conditioning and Pressurization 
  • Flight Control 
  • Wheel and Brake
  • Gyro & Barometric Instruments 
  • Electrical Power Generation & Control System 
  • Undercarriages 
  • Oxygen and  Electronic System 
  • Fuel Content Gauges etc.
The Division undertakes manufacturing and servicing of accessories under Transfer of Technology (ToT) from more than 40 Licensors from different countries. In addition, a lot of emphasis has also been given on developing in-house capability for indigenous Design and Development of various systems and accessories. This capability has resulted in indigenous design and development of over 400 types of accessories installed on Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) (Air force and Navy version), Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH - all versions i.e. Army, Air force, Navy & Civil), Light Combat Helicopter(LCH), Light Utility Helicopter (LUH), Hindustan Turbo Trainer (HTT-40) and IJT (Intermediate Jet Trainer).

Experience & Work Culture

  • The Division has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing aeronautical accessories making it an ideal partner for the International Aero Engineering Industry.
  • The Division has comprehensive manufacturing and design capabilities for various Hi-tech components, Equipment and Systems to customer’s specifications with high quality, reliability and cost effectiveness.
  • The Division is networked with sister Divisions, liaison offices and R & D Centers by LAN/WAN for ensuring smooth flow of information/ data within the organization.
  • Lean Manufacturing Concepts are practiced and encouraged in the working domain to ensure Cost, Time and Quality effectiveness.
  • ERP has been implemented in order to create an efficient and productive working ecosystem with optimum utilization of the resources.
  • Division has Online availability of design standards, journals, status of BOFs & M-parts etc through in house developed web based information portal. 
  • Division has in-house developed web based review and monitoring portal for project monitoring.
  • Officers / workmen of Divisions are committed to ethical ways of doing their work. Officers/ workmen are encouraged to specifically ensure ethical approach while dealing with customers/ vendors external to the organization. 
Division has several Technological facilities/ capabilities needed for manufacturing and Repair/ Overhaul of accessories for different platforms and different customers. Summary of these facilities is given below:
Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Machining of components ranging from 0.29 to 450 mm dia with accuracy up to one micron.
  • Capsule manufacturing
  • Corrugation Forming of Filters
  • Manufacturing of Bellows & Diaphragms 
  • Vibro Strengthening of Wheels
  • Super Finishing Process
  • Orifice Lapping/Ball Lapping
  • Honing
  • Spherical lapping to achieve sphericity within 2 light bands
  • Spool and Sleeve Matching 
  • Piston & Slipper Matching
  • Null Grinding
Assembly and Test
  • Clean/Air-conditioned rooms for Assembly & Test of Instruments, Mechanical and Fuel accessories.
  • Dedicated Test Equipments and Test rigs, Full Environmental testing facilities, Balancing Machines and Hot and Cold Chambers to meet the aeronautical acceptance standards.
  • Vibration Test rigs, Centrifugal test rigs, Humidity/ Hot & Cold chambers and other testing capabilities to cater to the testing requirements.
Inspection facilities
  • NABL approved Physical and Chemical Labs for inspection of manufactured components and NDT Lab for Non-Destructive Testing of the components.
  • Full range of Meteorological equipments like Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Profile Projectors, Surface measuring Equipments, Height Gauges etc. 
Heat and Surface Treatment and Painting
  • Centralized Heat Treatment facilities for all types of steels, Aluminium alloys, Copper, Nickel & Titanium alloys 
  • Centralized Process treatment and painting facilities for all types of Plating, Polishing, Surface protection, and Painting processes required in aeronautical applications.
  • TIG/ Argon arc, Spot & Seam welding equipment to facilitate intricate welding on thin metal bellows, capsules, stator Packs, Brushes etc.
  • Micro Plasma welding
  • Carbon & Relith coating
  • Welders are approved & certified by Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA).
Rubber and Plastic Shop
  • Rubber and Plastics shops are available in order to meet the requirements pertaining to manufacturing and Repair/ Overhaul of the accessories
Other Special Technologies
  • Bronze Layer Deposition by Electric Spark Method
  • Zinc Metallization
  • Micro plasma Welding
  • Tin-Bismuth Plating
  • Longitudinal Seam Welding
  • Graphite, Teflon (RILSON) Coating Process 
  • Polyamide Varnish Impregnation 
  • Carbon Lining on High Rubbing Parts
  • Sub-zero treatment 
  • Magnetic annealing in vacuum at 10-5 torr. at controlled rate of heating and cooling.
  • VAP- II and Molybdenum Sulphide  coating for self lubrication
Outsourcing in the division started in 2003. Since then the Division has embarked upon selecting and creating base of sub-contractors for outsourcing of precision components, tooling and test equipment.
In view of emerging business scenario, the Out-sourcing is the need of the hour and is required to handle higher loads of existing and new projects being undertaken in the HAL Lucknow. The work could be performed by the third party either within or outside HAL premises.
Outsourcing is done primarily in the following areas:
  • Manufacture of Detail parts including specialized machining processes like Honing, Lapping, Shot Peening, Gear cutting, Gear Grinding etc
  • Process operations including heat treatment, Tungsten Carbide Coating, Titanium Nitride Coating, Laser Beam Welding, Electron Beam Welding etc.
  • Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures etc.
  • Painting, De-painting, Cleaning and dismantling of LRUs, etc.,
  • Third party inspection in HAL as well as at subcontractor’s works
  • In-sourcing of lapping, Machining, CNC machining and programming, Painting, NDT, Dismantling & Cleaning activities
The components are classified in various categories like A, B & C depending upon the criticality of the operations. Depending on the capacity and capabilities of sub-contractors, tenders are issued to sub-contractors registered in the Division.
Organizations with established facilities &capabilities, willingness to learn and excel in producing aeronautical quality product are encouraged for outsourcing of components, required for various airworthy projects.
For registration of new sub-contractors, the prescribed forms can be down-loaded from our website ( and forwarded to this Division for registration process along with necessary documents.
Awards & Certifications
The Accessories Division Certifications are:
  • AS9100D for the Design & Development, Manufacture, Maintenance, Supply & Servicing of Accessories of Aerospace Vehicles and Equipment’s for Civil & Defense applications.
  • ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System.
  • NABL approval for Central Lab (Physical, Chemical Lab and Non-Destructive Testing Lab).

The Accessories Division Approvals are:
  • AFQMS Approval from Director General Aeronautical Quality Assurance for Military Aviation products and services.
  • CAR-21 & CAR 145 Approval from DGCA, Govt. of India for manufacturing and repair.
  • NADCAP certificate for following processes:
    • Chemical Processing- Passivation of SS
    • Heat Treatment- Nitriding of low alloy steels
    • Heat Treatment- Stress Relieving of low alloy steels
Products in current Manufacturing Range are:
  • Hydraulic System and Power Control
Hydraulic Pumps, Accumulators, Actuators, Electro-selectors, Bootstrap Reservoirs and  various types of valves 
  • Environmental Control System
Cold Air Unit,  Water Extractors, Non Return Valves and Venturies 
  • Engine Fuel Control System
Fuel After Burner Regulator and Distributor, Main Fuel Distributor,  Regulator and After Burner Pump, Plunger Pumps, Fuel Metering Devices 
  • Instruments
Electrical Indicators, Fuel quantity and flow metering instruments, Sensors and Switches, Barometric Instruments, Gyroscopic Instruments, Electromechanical instruments
  • Electrical Power Generation and Control System
AC/DC Generator, Control and Protection Units, AC and DC Master Box, Inverters, Transformer Rectifier Unit, Actuators 
  • Undercarriage, Wheels and Brakes  
Main and Nose Undercarriage, Main and Nose Wheel, Brake System LRUs 
  • Test Rigs
Dedicated Test Rigs, custom-built Fuel/Hydraulic Test Rigs and Electrical Test Rigs
The Division carries out Repair and Overhaul of Accessories. Site Repair facilities are also being offered by the Division by deputing team of expert Engineers / Technicians. These services are being provided by the division for:
Military Aircraft
  • MiG Series
  • AN-32
  • Kiran MK- I / MK- II
  • LCA
  • Jaguar
  • Mirage-2000
  • SU-30 MKI
  • AVRO
  • Hawk Mk-132

Civil Aircraft
  • Dornier-228
  • AVRO HS-748
  • ALH

  • Chetak (Alouette)
  • Cheetah (Lama)
  • ALH (IAF / Navy / Coast Guard / Civil)
  • LCH
  • LUH

  • Adour 804/811 aggregates
  • Adour 871 aggregates
  • AL31 FP aggregates
  • Indian Air Force / Army / Navy / Coast Guard
  • Defence R&D Laboratories / Department of Space
  • State Govt. Civil Aviation / Ordnance Factories / Corporate Sectors
  • Flying Academies & Educational Institutions
  • Civil Customers/ Airport Authority of India Limited 
  • Defence Forces of countries from South East Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • Collaborators / Licensors
Export comprises of supply of New Accessories (CAT-A), Indigenised Spares and Repair and Overhaul of accessories pertaining to MiG series aircrafts, Su-30MKI, Dornier DO-228, Cheetah (Lama) / Chetak (Alouette III), Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Helicopters and UAVs to Royal Air Force Oman, Air Mauritius, Mauritius Police, Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Israel Aircraft Industries, Govt. of Namibia, Govt. of Afghanistan, Govt. of Seychelles, Govt. of Suriname etc.
In addition, Division has:
  • State of the Art In-house design and development capabilities for manufacturing of accessories for export requirement.
  • Certifications: AS9100D, NADCAP, AFQMS-2018, CAR-21 & 145, NABL, ISO 14001, Eco friendly Process for airworthy applications.
  • In-house Environmental test capabilities.
Division is also manufacturing built to print/built to specifications components for airworthy applications as per customer requirements.
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