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Brief History

Aerospace Division BangaloreWelcome to the Aerospace Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

India's growing involvement in space exploration is reflected in the establishment of a world class manufacturing base for space worthy hardware. The Aerospace Division of HAL so established is today dedicated to the manufacture of hardware for India's growing space programs. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd's participation in space programs started as early as 1972 and formed into a full fledged dedicated facility thereafter.

The Division has the technical expertise to fabricate large size Aluminium Alloy riveted structures, welded propellant tanks and water tanks. Currently under production are the Light Alloy Structures for the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), Geo-stationary Launch Vehicle (GSLV MkII), Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS), Indian National Satellite (INSAT) and the structures & welded tanks for the Cryogenic upper stage of GSLV MkII. The Division has taken up full equipping & integration of the strap on L – 40 stage for GSLV MkII and also manufacture of all riveted structures & welded tankages for a larger GSLV MK III vehicle with enhanced capabilities.

The Division's strength lies in a team of highly motivated professionals. Out of a total strength of 509, 254 personnel are involved in direct production. As many as 39 qualified and trained personnel constitute our quality assurance team.

The Division has been accredited with AS 9100C  QMS and  ISO 14001:2015 EMS.


  • 4 Axes Vertical Turn-Mill-Bore centers of bed sizes ranging from 1 meter to 5.5 meters in diameter, capable of handling components upto 5 meters in height.
  • 5 axes high speed profilers and routers which can handle components as large as 2 Mtrs * 9 Mtrs.
  • 5 axes machining center for Intricate components.
  • Precision jig boring machine.
  • CNC programming using latest Master Cam and Unigraphics software.
State of the art automatic TIG welding equipment for carrying out following welding operations:
  • Longitudinal welding
  • Circumferential welding
  • Rotary welding
  • Orbital welding
  • Friction Stir welding
The pressure vessels ranging from half a meter to 4 mtrs in diameter and upto 15 Mtrs in length can be welded. The welding shop is equipped with NDT facilities like X-ray, Radiography and complex welding fixtures for welding Tanks and dome.
Other Facilities
Structural Assembly shop

Assembly facilities including High precision vertical assembly jigs with staging for assembly of Structures size varying from dia 3.2 mtrs& 8.3 mtrs height to dia 5 mtrs & height of 10.63 mtrs.

Stretch Forming

Stretch forming facility for Aluminium alloy sheets upto 12mm thickness of size 2600mm Wide x 5000 mm Long in solutionized condition available
Sheet Metal
  • Rolling machines to roll sheets & plates upto 25mm thickness and 5 mts width, (Al.alloy)
  • Facility for Hydroforming spherical domes of diameter upto 2.5 meters.
Thermal Painting facility

Equipped with two Automatic spray painting booths with CNC control.

10x10x15 mtrs height and 10x15x15 mtrs height both with CNC based turn table, carriage mechanism up to 6 & 13 mtrs height with fume exhaust system for carrying out thermal painting.


A dedicated tool design section with latest facilities for CAD.

Process Shop & Heat Treatment
  • Chromic Acid anodizing facility handling components of size upto 3.6 mtr dia and sheets up to 5 mtr length.
  • Chemical milling facility handling sheets up to 3.5 x 7.5 mtrs.
  • Solutionizing & Ageing Furnace capable of handling parts up to 4 mtr dia & 15 mtr length.
  • Vacuum impregnation & chromate treatment facility handling components up to 1.2 mtr dia and 2.2 mtr x 1.2 mtr size available.
  • Large 3D Coordinating Measuring Machine of size 9 Mtrs x 4 Mtrs x 5.5 Mtrs.
  • Computerized Remote Measuring system with measuring range of 4 mtr and accuracy of 5 microns/mtr.
  • Laser tracker capable of measuring a wide range ( Dia 1 to 5 mtrs) components / Assemblies with accuracy of 0.01 microns/mtr.
  • Photogrammetry which can measure components with 10 microns per meter accuracy.
  • Work test laboratory for mechanical testing.
The Division has developed sub contractor for the following areas .
  • Precision machining of  Aluminum alloy Rings and other components
  • Manufacture of Assembly Jigs and weld tooling.
  • Pipe bending and forming of sheet metal stiffeners up to 5 meters long.
  • Forming of large domes and dished ends in aluminum alloys by spinning and press forming.
The Division has been accredited with AS 9100 D QMS and ISO 9001 : 2015 Environmental Management System.

Division has been awarded “Gold Medal” by the Society of Aerospace Manufacturing Engineers (SAME) for outstanding contribution in the field of Aerospace Manufacturing.

Division has been awarded with “ National safety Award” by the Ministry of Labour & Employment.

Division Quality Management System is approved as per AFQMS -2018 by DGAQA and valid up to  30th april-2024.Click here

Aerospace DivisionAerospace Division is engaged in the manufacture of Aluminum alloy riveted structures and welded tankages of conical, cylindrical and other shapes with different types of detailed parts such as sheets, rings, brackets, stiffeners, bulkheads, panel bolts, nuts, rivets etc. Some of the important structures manufactured are Heat Shield Assembly, Nose Cone Assembly and Tank and Shrouds used in Satellites.

PSLV :  (Polar satellite launch vehicle)
No. Of Stages   
4-Stage Rocket With Two Solid & Two Liquid Stages With 6 Strap-on Motors

Low Earth Polar Orbit 900 km

Inject 1000-1200 Kg Class Satellite (IRS) In Polar Orbit
GSLV : (GEO-GEO-synchronous satellite launch vehicle)  MK II
No. Of Stages   
3-Stage Rocket with Solid, Liquid and Cryo Stages with 4 Strap-on Motors

Geo-Stationary Orbit 36000 km

Inject 2500 Kg Satellite INSAT Series in Geo-Synchronous Orbit
GSLV : (GEO-synchronous satellite launch vehicle)  MK III
No. Of Stages   
2-Stage with Liquid and Cryo Stages and 2 Strap-on Motors

Geo-Synchronous Orbit 36000 km

Inject 4500 – 5000 Kg INSAT Class Satellite, in Geo-Synchronous Orbit
Indian remote sensing satellite
Resource Survey & Management In the area of Agriculture, Forestry, Hydrology & Snow Melting.

Launch Vehicle   

Low Earth Polar Orbit 900 km

5 Years
Indian national satellite
National Tele-communication, TV Broadcasting, Radio Net Working, Meteorological Observation Satellite Aided Research & Rescue
Launch Vehicle

Geo-Stationary Orbit 36000 km

7 Years

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General Manager
Aerospace Division

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
P.B. No. 7502, New Thippasandra P.O.
Bangalore 560 075.

Telephone : 91 - 80 - 22311403  
Fax            : 91 - 80 - 22312765