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Brief History

HAL airport was acquired by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in 1964 and was mainly used for flying and testing for defence purposes.

In the Year 1980, it was decided to expand the airport facilities for Domestic Commercial Flights which quickly proved very popular and it started handling huge domestic traffic with the help of independent HAL Air Traffic Control team. It is noteworthy to mention here that HAL airport is the only airport in the country which is used for both prototype and developmental test flying and civil traffic.

In the late 1990’s, the airport began providing its very first international service and became known as “Bangalore HAL International Airport”. Ever since the airport had been established, it has undergone many expansions and upgrades to keep up with the rising air traffic in the city. It was last operating at a super saturated level of 10.2 million 
passengers per year in 2008.

Presently, HAL airport spreads over 700 acres of land and is equipped with latest state of the art of technology and has got the following features:
  • Long runway of 3.3 km capable of handling aircraft like Boeing 747. 
  • The airport is equipped with Instrument Landing System, different radars, Air Traffic Control Tower etc.
  • It has 02 helipads, 06 aprons & 30 bays and one main taxi way & 4 link taxiways.
  • Facility of VIP lounge and VIP bay.
  • It operates 24 x 7.
  • It has Cargo handling facility of 97000 sq ft.
  • Independent Air Traffic Services being provided by HAL in exclusive test flying area.
  • As a permanent member in National Airspace Management Advisory Committee (NAMAC), HAL participates in the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) in Indian airspace.
  • Facilities for ground handling and X-ray Baggage checking.
When it was closed for commercial operations in 2008, it was handling 10.2 M passengers and 360 movements per day. Presently, it supports not only test flying of military aircraft but also supports test flying and experimental flying and future prototype programs of national importance pertaining to various government agencies like ADA, ASTE of Indian Airforce, NAL, and CABS. There are 80 movements/day and more than 150 movements transiting our airspace.


  • VOBG
  • 09-27; 10,850 ft x 200 ft / 3306 Mtrs x 61 Mtrs
Parking Stands            
  • 30 Bays
Navigational Facilities
  • ILS CAT I (Runway 27)
  • DVOR & DME
  • ASR, ARSR & MSSR Surveillance Radars
  • Precision Approach Radar (PAR)
  • Simple Approach Lights (Runway 09 & 27)
  • PAPI (Runway 09 & 27)
Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting
  • Category 7 (Upgradeable to Category 8)
Civil Aircraft Maintenance 
  • Hangar facility of 25830 Sq Ft
Ground Handling 
  • Joint Working Group with AIATSL to handle aircraft up to AN 124
Cargo Handling 
  • Total warehouse of 82000 Sq Ft
  • Bonded warehouse of 15000 Sq Ft

Services And Facilities

The growing importance of Bengaluru as a commercial hub and hi-tech development centre has made it a popular destination among air transport operators from across the globe. Building upon HAL’s rich experience in aviation engineering, manufacture and maintenance of aircraft and allied equipment, it was decided to diversify into the new area of activity to tap the opportunities in the field of civil aviation sector. 

As a result, a strategic alliance was forged to setup AIRPORT SERVICES CENTRE in the year June 2000 with the following functional areas to fulfill the different needs of the airport and airline operations:
  • Aerodrome Operations – Air Traffic Services, ARFF facility, Radars
  • Aircraft Ground Handling – Ramp facility, Refuelling, FBO
  • HAL Cargo Operations – Container Freight Station, Warehouse,
  • Civil Aircraft MRO – Aircraft maintenance hangar, Engine Ground Run facility.

Aerodrome Operations

  • The Runway at HAL Airport, Bengaluru was commissioned in January 1960 and resurfacing of the existing Runway was carried out recently in 2013.   
  • The physical characteristics and dimensions permit the safe operation of all types of aircraft including all fighter and transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force, heavy commercial air transport including B-747 (400), AN-124 and helicopters
  • Runway length of 10850 ft and width of 200 ft with PCN of 60/F/A/X/T
  • 6 Aprons, 30 Parking Bays, 2 Helipads
  • Airfield Lighting including runway, taxiway, apron, approach lights and PAPI available to facilitate night operations
  • Air Traffic Services is being provided 24 x 7 with all associated services for arrival, departure, over flying and test & training flying of all kinds of aircraft
  • HAL Airport is equipped with navigational facilities viz. DVOR, DME and ILS
  • State of the art Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar covers a range of 200 Nm
  • Adequate Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) service
  • Meteorological Services for Aviation is available on all days
  • Air Traffic Controllers skilled to handle mixed traffic of military, test flying prototype & developmental and civil  aircraft
  • Facilitates from slow speed microlight to supersonic aircraft
  • Airspace from ground level to unlimited height available for seamless test  flying of military and civil aircraft
  • Approach Control Service is provided to the satellite airfields viz. Salem, Hosur, Mysore, Jakkur, Yelahanka and Bengaluru International
  • Area Control Services is provided to all the civil and military flights over flying HAL Airspace
  • Training flights of all major scheduled airlines are being conducted
All kinds of sector flying, test flying, demonstration flying, familiarization flying, etc available to all operators from dusk to dawn on all days and full day on Sundays and HAL holidays.

General Aviation

Business Aviation in India is growing fast with more aircraft being added every year to India’s Business class fleet.  There are more than 600 business aviation aircraft in India 
and constitutes to 12% of the global market.

HAL Airport operates 24 x 7 supporting General Aviation and VIP/VVIP flights. Its location in the heart of Bengaluru city and proximity to major industrial areas and IT Parks is ideal for business aviation.  
Infrastructure & facilities:
  • Adequate parking facility including Night halt 
  • No slot restrictions
  • Short taxiing and turnaround time
  • Availability of line maintenance and base maintenance services
  • Security, X-Ray Screening, Baggage handling Services
  • Comprehensive Aircraft Ground handling service
  • Refuelling

Aircraft Ground Handling

HAL and Air India joined hands in March 1999 to form HAL-AI Joint Working Group (JWG) to provide Ramp Handling services at HAL Airport, Bengaluru.
JWG possesses complete set of Ground Handling Equipments for various types of aircraft up to B747 and AN-124 class of aircraft.

Capability of handling flights of Heads of State.  

Comprehensive Ground Handling Services available round the clock for General Aviation, VVIP flights and Transit Flights
  • Chocks & Fire Bottle
  • Ground Power Unit
  • Water Cart Service
  • Toilet Cart Service
  • Conveyor Belt and Step Ladders
  • Trolleys & Dollies
  • Executive Vehicle for Movement of Passengers & Crew
JWG has performed several shortest turnaround times for all kinds of aircraft and has earned high order of appreciation for meticulous ramp handling.

HAL Cargo Operations

HAL Cargo Complex is a full fledged Container Freight Station (CFS) notified by the Commissioner of Customs for receiving/storing import containers, examination and clearance of import cargo, receiving/consolidating export cargo, stuffing LCL/FCL containers with export cargo and dispatching through gateway ports
  • Customs official are present to process Customs documentation
  • 24 X 7 services offered
  • Covered Import warehouse space -  45,000 sq. ft. and Export Warehouse space - 37,000 sq. ft
  • Availability of Bonded warehouse of around 15000 sq. ft
  • Separate area for transshipment cargo
  • Online data processing and documentation for speedier clearances
  • In house infrastructure for security clearances
  • CCTV for security surveillance
  • Adequate handling equipments such as Reach Stacker, forklifts, trolleys, hand pallets and lazy dollies
  • Multi stacking facilities for small parcels
  • Strong room for keeping valuable/precious cargo
  • Cold room facility for perishables
  • Plug in facility for Refrigerated trucks
  • Adequate paved area for storing about 300 containers

Civil Aircraft Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

The Indian Aviation Industry is the 9th largest Civil Aviation market in the world by passenger count. By 2020 the Indian Civil Aviation market is expected to become the 3rd largest civil aviation market in the world. A booming economy, favorable policies of the government for stimulating growth, vision of the government to improve regional connectivity and to provide cheap and affordable air travel will contribute to the unabated growth in this sector. The increase in passenger growth will automatically translate into a requirement of more number and types of aircraft.

HAL has been providing support for civil aircraft maintenance, repair and overall for more than two decades.
  • Civil MRO facilities available at HAL airport:
•    Hangar infrastructure
  • Spacious hangar of size 200 X 123 Ft.(Accommodates B737 & ATR 72 aircraft)
  • Tarmac area of 100000 Square Feet
  • GHE/GSE Equipment and Tools
  • Composite repair facilities
  • Aircraft painting facilities
  • Engineering support
  • Engine idle power run facility
•    Engineering Support at Plants annexed to Airport
The maintenance efforts are also supported by state of the art production and test facilities available in various engine/aircraft manufacturing/overhaul divisions of HAL 
  • Non Destructive Test (NDT) facilities
  • Composite shops
  • Sheet metal shops
  • Tool room and machine shops
  • Welding & heat treatment shops
  • Process shops
  • Test laboratories and Test Beds
  • Availability of certifications from regulatory authorities
•    Aerodrome Operations Support:
  • Engine High Power Testing is being facilitated at any time on all days for B737 variant and ATR-42/72 class of aircraft
  • Flight Test is being accommodated in the sectors of HAL airspace on all days
  • No slot restriction for arrival and departure of civil aircraft
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting service of category CAT-7(upgradeable to Cat-8) is available on all days

  • ASC Division of HAL had been certified with Environmental Management System (EMS) Certification ISO 14001:2015 on 12.07.2017 which is valid for 03 years i.e. upto 11.07.2020. The certificate was issued by M/s. Integrated Quality Certification Pvt Ltd.
  • ASC is also certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) Certification valid from 29.04.2015 to 28.04.2018. The certificate was issued by M/s. Integrated Quality Certification Pvt Ltd.
  • Permanent member in National Airspace Management Advisory Committee (NAMAC).
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