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Brief History

Avionics Division, Hyderabad was established in the year 1966 for manufacture of MiG 21 Avionics equipment.Co-located Design Division, Strategic Electronics Research and Design Centre (SLRDC) has indigenously developed more than 40 types of Avionics systems for LCA, ALH, IJT, SU-30 MKI , HTT-40, Jaguar Darin II & III, LCH,LUH and Hawk trainer Aircraft. SLRDC provides Design, Development and Engineering support to several Avionic products which are manufactured for fitment in a number of fixed and rotary wing Aircraft like MiG 21, Jaguar, MiG 27, MiG 29, Cheetah, Chetak, ALH, Su-30 MKI, Hawk, Do-228, LCA. Avionics are being continuously upgraded to latest state-of-the-art technology to suit the requirement of next generation of aircrafts. 

Today, the Division is involved in the manufacture and repair & overhaul of a wide range of avionics equipment, including airborne radars, communication, navigation equipment and on-board computers fitted on fixed and rotary wing platforms of Russian, Western and Indian origin. In addition to catering the requirement of Defence services, Division also supplies avionics equipment to Civil and Export customers. A list of products manufactured at Avionics Division, Hyderabad is furnished under products.

The Division is spread across 292 Acres, with 55 Acres of factory area and the rest as township at prime industrial belt in the city of Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana.

Strategic Electronics Factory (SEF), Kasaragod established in the year 2012, is functioning as a branch factory of Avionics Division, Hyderabad. It is involved in the production, repair and overhaul of different types of airborne mission computers fitted on Su-30 MKI, Jaguar and MiG 27 Aircraft. The facility is located at Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA) Small Industries Park set up by the Kerala State Government at Seethangoli in Kasaragod District.  The production facility is set up over 16 acres of land, out of total 196 acres acquired by HAL.  
The Division has full-fledged infrastructure and facilities necessary for design, development, manufacture, testing and inspection of various state-of-the-art avionic equipment. While many products fall under the category of indigenous equipment, an equal number of licensed products are also being manufactured and repaired. All the manufacturing activities that are indicated above require several state-of-the-art equipment which form part of each product test and repair station. Some of the critical test facilities are furnished below.
  • Electronic Test Facilities
  1. Large Anechoic Chamber (LAC) for testing of large Antenna systems
  2. Small Anechoic Chamber (SAC) for testing of small  Antenna systems
  3. Vibration Test System for performing vibration in sine and random in the entire three axis
  4. Vacuum, Cold & Heat Climate Test Chamber for testing the systems in hot and cold temperatures at +65 deg. cent. and -40 deg. cent. for ensuring right functionality of the system 
  5. Environment Stress Screening (ESS) comprising of Thermal chambers and Vibration stands
  6. Rate Tables for measurement and calibration of error rates of navigation systems fitted in various aircraft, helicopters and missile systems
  7. Laser Trimming System used in Hybrid Micro Electronic systems manufacture
  8. Several types of measuring instruments like multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, Spectrum analyzers, power meters, logic analyzers, network analyzers and automatic PCB test stations like Terradyne, Spectrum and BGA test stations
  • Mechanical Manufacturing facilities 
  1. CNC  Machining Centre (5- Axis , 3 Axis Machines), Turning Centres
  2. CNC Engraving Machine
  3. CNC Wire Cut Electro Discharge Machine
  4. CNC Sink Electro Discharge Machine
  5. 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine for accurate inspection of mechanical parts
  6. Universal Measuring Systems used for specific parameter testing in several products
  7. Non-Contact Measuring System
  8. General Purpose Machining like lathes, milling machines and drilling machines
  9. Precision Machine Shop
  10. Heat Treatment Shop
  11. Finishing Facilities like plating of cadmium, nickel, hard anodization and other special plating processes
  12. PCB Manufacturing facilities up to 4 layers

Outsourcing of work is done in the following areas:
The Division has a policy of outsourcing non-core & non-critical activities to vendors who have the capability to undertake the work as per HAL standards. In addition, some of the critical works like manufacture of multilayer PCBs upto 18 layers, PCB assemblies with PGA (Pin Grid Array), BGA (Ball Grid Array) and JTAG components to companies who have these special and critical facilities. In the process, the Division is also developing the sub contractors in undertaking the manufacture of not only mechanical parts but also electronic assemblies.

The following are the major areas of outsourcing:
  1. PCB Manufacture
  2. Population of PCBs
  3. Electrical/Electronic Modules /Electro Mechanical Wave guides and Wave guide assemblies
  4. Electro Elements
  5. Precision Sheet Metal Jobs
  6. Mechanical Parts to be machined from castings, sheet & rolled stock on CNC machines.
  7. Miscellaneous Mechanical Components and Jobs
  8. Tooling

Vendor Development is a major thrust area for HAL, Hyderabad; where in Division is encouraging entrepreneurs to utilize the unique facilities available at HAL, Hyderabad which vendors do not possess. Based on the capabilities and skill of vendors, tenders are being floated to the registered vendors. Thereby small entrepreneurs are growing with minimum capital investment and registering maximum growth in their business and also vendor manpower is getting imparted with necessary skills from HAL experts thus avoiding skill development cost. 
Awards won by the Division:
  • Avionics Division, Hyderabad bagged the prestigious Raksha Mantri Award for Best Performing Division among DPSUs for the year 2011-12, 2013-14 and 2014-15 in the Category of Division/Factory/Shipyard Awards.
  • Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FTAPCCI) Excellence Award for “Excellence in Industrial Productivity” for the year 2011-12 and “Excellence in All Round Performance” for the year 2014-15.
Accreditations and Certifications
  • AS9100C Certification for Quality management from NVTQC. 
  • ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management from Bureau of Indian Standards. 
  • AFQMS Certificate for Quality management from Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance. 
  • NABL accreditation under ISO-17025 standard for Measuring Instrument Section (MIS) & Standards Lab of Division. 

Radars Navigation
  1. Radar Control System (RLSU - 30MK) which has Passive Electronic Scanned Array sensor for Su-30 MKI aircraft.
  2. Fire Alarm System (SPS)
  3. Weapon Control System (ART. 30PI)
  4. Air Route Surveillance Radar (ARSR)
  5. Precision Approach Radar (PAR)
  6. Radio Altimeter (RAM) & Variants
  7. Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) & variants with advanced technology
  8. Brake Hydraulic Engine Electrical Monitoring system (BHEEM)
  9. Starter Electronic Control Unit (SECU)
  10. Fire Control Radar ( 5 versions for Dornier, Jaguar, LCA, Sea Harrier and Darin III)
  1. Automatic Flight Control System (SAU )
  2. Remote Control System (SDU - 10MK)
  3. Airborne Digital Computer (BTsVM)
  4. Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)
  5. Omni Range/Instrument Landing System (VOR/ILS)
  6. Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN)
  7. Solid State Digital Video Recording System (SSDVRS )
  8. Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
Communication Airborne Computers
  1. Communication Means Complex (KDLI – 01)
  2. Voice Warning System (ARO - 28 S)
  3. EMC System (SO – EMS)
  4. Very High Frequency (VHF) Radio set & Data Link
  5. Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Stand by Radio set
  6. Very/Ultra High Frequency (V/UHF) Radio set
  7. HFSSB Communication Set & Variants
  8. Audio Management Unit (AMU) & Variants
  9. Ultra High Frequency (UHF ) Homer
  10. Audio Interface Unit
  11. INCOM (V/UHF Jam Resistant Radio and Variant)
  12. Advanced Communication System (ACS 235)
  1. Mission Computer (MC)
  2. Display processors (DP)
  3. Open Architecture Computer (OAC)
  4. Open System Architecture Mission Computer (OSAMC)
  5. Radar Computers (RC)
1.Upgradation & Retro-modification
HAL, Avionics Division, Hyderabad along with design centre (SLRDC)  has developed a specialized 'Flight Test Group' with expertise in trial installation of Avionic systems on Fixed and Rotary wings of Combat and Transport Aircraft. This group has achieved success in installing its latest Avionic systems on MiG-21 series, MiG-23, MiG-27M, MiG-29, Su-30 MKI, HS 748 aircraft and also on helicopters like ALH, Chetak and Cheetah. It has exhibited complete self-sufficiency for conducting feasibility studies, manufacturing of Mod Kits, Installation and Flight Testing of Avionic systems.
2.Repair and Overhaul (MRO Facilities)
HAL, Avionics Division, Hyderabad has excellent facilities and procedures for defect investigation, repair & overhaul of Russian, Western and Indigenous air-borne equipment. Our Engineers have vast experience in all these systems and they also carry out field repairs. Since most of the indigenously designed and modified equipment are “On condition” equipment, the principle of “Inspect and Repair As Necessary” (IRAN) is followed, which means that the equipment need not be sent for regular / periodic overhaul. The repair facilities are available from first generation to fourth generation equipment with frequencies from DC to 40 GHz.
  • Indian Air Force
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Army
  • Coast Guard
Defence Public Sectors
  • Bharat Electronics Limited
  • Garden Reach Ship Builders Limited
  • Goa Shipyard Limited
  • Bharat Dynamics Limited
  • Mazagon Docks Limited
DRDO units
  • DRDL
  • RCI
  • ADA
  • ASL
Export customers
  • Rosoboronexports
  • Aircraft Equipment Corporation
  • Sukhoi Corporation
  • Royal Malaysian Air Force
  • Algeria Air Force
  • Boeing Corporation
  • Air Mauritius

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