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Barrackpore Division is located at Barrackpore, Dist. 24 Pgs. (N),Kolkata. It is a part of Helicopter Complex, Bangalore.

Barrackpore Division is involved in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of Cheetah and Chetak Helicopters. It also has capability for assembly of new Cheetal and Chetak Helicopters, catering to the need of the country’s Defence establishment.

Brief History

HAL, Barrackpore was established originally as a Repair base way back in 1940 during Second World War under the name of Tata Aviation. In 1951, Barrackpore Branch Factory became a part of erstwhile Hindustan Aircraft Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

In the year 1957, it started functioning as an Outstation Base of HAL, Overhaul Division. Being a part of HAL, Overhaul Division, Barrackpore had undertaken Repair and Overhaul of Dakota Aircraft and the Division has a track record of overhauling of 1020 aircrafts till 1984. In the year of 1973, Major Servicing facility of Caribou aircraft was established and the Division had overhauled as many as 108 aircrafts till 1984. In 1980, Major Servicing line of single engine Otter aircraft was setup and 81 aircrafts were serviced till 1985.

During 1982-83, Major Servicing of Chetak / Cheetah helicopters of Indian Air Force was started and subsequently Army helicopters were also added. From 1988-89 onwards, 900 hrs./1800 hrs. servicing of AN-32 aircraft was started.

In 2004, it became a Branch unit of Helicopter Division, Bangalore. In 2006, Barrackpore became a full fledged Division, initially under Design Complex. Subsequently, Barrackpore Division became part of Helicopter Complex in 2009 upon creation of Helicopter Complex with a view to keep all the rotary wing related Division under one umbrella.

Over the years, Barrackpore Division has taken-up major servicing work of a number and types of Aircrafts and helicopters of different makes and class such as Caribou Aircraft, Otter Aircraft, AN 32 Aircraft, Cheetah and Chetak Helicopters.

Till 2000, the Division has overhauled and serviced 1461 Fixed Wing Aircraft. It has overhauled and serviced 702 Helicopters and Assembled 13 New Helicopter till date. Product category wise details are delineated below:
Product CategoryType of ServiceNos.
Fixed Wing Aircraft
AN 32900 / 1800 Hrs. Servicing252
Rotary Wing Aircraft
Cheetah / Chetak / LancerMajor Inspection600
ChetakT1SI / T2SI102
New Assembly3
CheetalNew Assembly10
Man Power
Barrackpore Division employs about 430 highly skilled personnel for disassembly, repair and overhaul, assembly, flight preparation and flight testing of Cheetah and Chetak Helicopters and Rotables.
The main work area in the Division comprises of Two Assembly Hangars having an area of approx. 6000 sq. mtr. each for Dismantling, Re-assembly, Equipping and Flight Preparation activities and Accessories Overhaul Centre for repair and overhaul of Rotables.

Manufacturing Facilities comprise of   

A. Machine Shop
B. Welding Shop
C. Electroplating and Painting facility
D. Body structure Welding / Assembly facility
Servicing of Accessories
A.Structural Items
  • Floor Boards
  • Bottom Structure
  • Doors
  • Tail Boom
  • Body Structure
B.Transmission Items
  • Tail Rotor Head
  • Coupling shaft
  • Inclined Drive Shaft
  • Tail Drive Shaft
  • Main Drive Shaft & Free Wheel
  • Mixing Unit
  • Main Rotor shaft
  • Tail Gear Box
  • Tail Pipe
  • Stabiliser
  • Transmission Support Platform
C. Hydraulic and Mechanical Items
  • Landing gears and Shock struts
  • Fuel Booster pumps, filters and fuel system items
  • Hydraulic pumps, valves, filters and servo units
  • Oil coolers, Wheels & Brakes
  • Flight Control items
D. Radio/ Instrument Items
  • V/UHF transmitters/receivers
  • ADF, Intercom
  • Magnetic compass, Altimeter & Collective Pitch Indicator
E. Electrical Items
  • Electrical looms
  • Anti Collision lights
  • Voltage regulator & Relays
F. Propeller Shop (Centre of Excellence for ROH of Hartzell Propellers)
  • Hartzell Propellers
  • McCAULEY Propellers
  • Constant Speed Governor
G. Non-Destructive Test Laboratory
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Dye Penetrant Test
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Test
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • Eddy Current Test
  • Spring Stiffness Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Compressive & Tensile Load Test
The Division has been accredited to
  • AS 9100 C Aerospace Quality Management System (AS 9100:2009 Certified).
  • CAR-145 Maintenance Organisation Exposition (CAR-145 Certified).
  • ISO 14000 Environment Management System(ISO 14001:2004 Certified).
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Cheetah / Cheetal
  • Agile and highly maneuverable light aerial platform.
  • Ideally suited for
Observation Logistics support
Surveillance Rescue operations
Earth resource survey High Altitude operations
Empty weight11301110
Passenger (Incl. Pilot)3+23+2
Payload (Kg) at 6000mt5090
Fuel consumption (Kg/Kw hr)0.470.38
Fuel Capacity575575
Cruise speed, km/hr192192
Max. Range, km560640
Endurance, hrs.3.103.50
  • A versatile helicopter ideally suited for
    Passenger / VIP transportCausality evacuation
    Troop transport Anti-tank warfare
    Air observation Anti-submarine warfare
Passenger    (incl. Pilot)5+2
Empty weight1200
Payload (Kg)    at 6000mtNil
Fuel    consumption (Kg/Kw hr)0.47
Fuel Capacity    (Ltr)575
Cruise speed,    km/hr209
Max. Range,    km500
Endurance,    hrs.3
Derived from the basic structure of Cheetah helicopter for roles like
  • Anti Insurgency.
  • Close Air Support.
  • Destruction of enemy machine gun positions
Two Jettisonable Gun-cum-Rocket Pod.
  • Gun sight for accurate aiming & firing.
  • Each pod carries one 12.7 mm. gun and three 70 mm. Rockets.
  • Gun fire rate per min 1100 rounds
Effective range (km)
1    : Against Light Armour
2.5 : Against Vehicle

Performance Parameters
All Up Weight (kg) : 1950
Range (km)  :  290
Maximum Speed (kmph):  210
Endurance (Hrs)  :  2.5
Barrackpore Division offers service to customers on
  • Major Servicing (3,200 hrs.) of Cheetah, Chetak and Lancer Helicopter of Indian Air Force, Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard.
  • T1SI (400 hrs.) & T2SI (800 hrs.) Servicing of Chetak Helicopters of Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard.
  • Repair, Servicing and Overhaul of Rotables
    - Directly from customers.
    - Other HAL Divisions.
  • Assembly of new Cheetal helicopters and new Chetak helicopters.
  • Repair, Servicing and Overhaul of
    - Propellers.
    - Constant speed governor.
  • In-situ repairs of helicopters.
  • Scheduled and unscheduled servicing of helicopters.
  • Supply of RMSO items.
  • Supply of Rotables / spares against AOG demands.
  • Supply of Ground Handling and Ground Service Equipment.
  • Assistance during  Investigations of Accidents/Incidents and Defects.
General Manager,
Barrackpore Division,
09, Topkhana Road, Barrackpore,
Dist. 24 PGS (N),
PIN-700 120,
West Bengal, India
Tel:- +91 33 2592 0157/0163,
Fax No. +91 33 2592 2379

Corporate Office:-
15/1, Cubbon Road,  Bangalore-560001, India