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The Central Materials & Processes Laboratory & NDT centre situated in the Foundry & Forge Division of Bangalore Complex is one of the leading materials testing and R&D Laboratories in the country.

Established in 1941 , the laboratory has grown in five major areas with state of the art infrastructure, viz. mechanical, chemical, metallurgical (including failure investigation), nondestructive testing and calibration sections.

Over 50 qualified and experienced scientists, technicians and supporting staff are continuous!y engaged in serving the divisions of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., and other defence and non-defence organisations.

Being part of the Foundry & Forge Division, the laboratory has the distinction of being one of the premier R&D Centres with proven track record of converting a number of R&D projects into production.

The laboratory has recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research as an R&D Centre. It has access to the manufacturing facilities available in the Foundry & Forge Division viz. induction, resistance and oil fired melting furnaces, variety of hammers, hydraulic and friction presses with associated furnaces, heat treatment facilities including vacuum heat treatment, powder compaction and sintering facilities, surface blasting and treatment facilities as well as sophisticated tool room facilities.
Learning Centre
Highly qualified and experienced staff is available to train personnel in the areas of NDT, failure investigation, heat treatment etc.

Accumulated knowledge over the years has been compiled and documented in the form of several publications like Metallic Materials Data Books (Three Volumes)
  • Treatise on Nondestructive Testing (Three Volumes)
  • Laboratory Test Procedures and
  • Hindustan Process Specifications.


Primarily engaged in application-oriented Research and Development on a variety of metallic, non-metallic and advanced composite material and their related processes for aeronautical, defence and general engineering applications. Testing, technical investigations and design data generation are also major functions of the Laboratory.

Material Development

  • Technology for the manufacture of several Aluminium and Magnesium based master alloys
  • Proven capabilities for indigenisation or ab-initio development of newer material in Aluminium, Magnesium and Steel, their characterisation and proving
  • Friction material for high energy brake applications through powder metallurgy route for metallo-ceramic brake pads and phenolic resin bonded route for organic brake pads
  • Development of high strength, high modulus AI-Si-Cu and Mg-Si-Cu composites
  • Development of elastomers, adhesives and sealants for aerospace and general engineering applications

Process Development

  • Development of large and complex castings through simulation techniques
  • Making of long complex internal oil passages of diameters down to 4 mm in castings
  • Development of intricate near net shape forging tools through CAD/CAM
  • Development of hot forming and superplastic forming technologies
  • Development of coatings for protection against corrosion, wear and high temperature
  • Optimising welding processes
  • Development of thermo-mechanical treatment and special purpose heat treatment processes to achieve superior properties

Technical Investigations

  • Vast experience in carrying out step by step investigations of in-service failure of metallic and non-metallic components and recommending remedial measures
  • Trouble shooting of in-process failure of components
  • R&D to identify the cause of recurring failures and evolve remedial measures

Design Data Generation

  • Creep, fatigue and creep-fatigue interaction studies
  • Corrosion and erosion studies for metallic components
  • Defect property co-relation studies
  • Studies on mechanical properties at room temperature, low and elevated temperatures
  • Studies on fracture toughness behaviour of metals

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Centre

  • R&D work in the area of NDT namely defect property, microstructure - ultrasonic response co-relations etc.,
  • Development and documentation of NDT techniques, acceptance standards and related specifications
  • Training of NOT personnel and certification up to Level II equivalent in the areas of ultrasonic testing, radiography and surface inspection
  • Representation in Bureau of Indian Standards and ISNT to evolve policies in certification activities
  • Trouble shooting and consultancy to various divisions of HAL and other organisations


Well equipped to carry out macro and micro examination, grain flow, inclusion rating, defect detection, phase identification, quantitative metallography, welding inspection etc., for various material under different conditions. Fracture analysis of components failed in service, process and also during regular testing under varied conditions are carried out using stereo microscope and scanning electron microscope.


Comprehensively equipped to calibrate various kinds of force measuring equipments upto 30,000 kN, thermocouples up to 1100°C and heat treatment furnaces of different sizes.

Chemical Analysis

Quick and accurate chemical analysis of more than sixty elements for various engineering materials. Trace element analysis of several elements to ppm levels.

Mechanical Testing

Material can be tested for hardness, tensile, creep, stress corrosion, fatigue, fracture toughness, fatigue crack growth rate etc. , under different testing conditions to meet national and international standards / specifications.

Non-destructive Testing

Well equipped to carry out X-ray radiography, ultrasonic inspection, surface inspection using dye penetrant, eddy current testing and magnetic particle methods on variety of components made of different materials as per national and international standards.

Other Facilities

Several facilities like hammers, induction, resistance and oil fired furnaces, heat treatment, powder metallurgy facilities, ring rolling machine etc., available in the Foundry & Forge Division are accessible to the laboratory for any R&D work.

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