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Central Materials & Processes Laboratory (CMPL) located in Foundry & Forge Division of Bangalore Complex of HAL is one of the leading materials testing and R&D Laboratories in the country. Established in 1941, the laboratory has grown in five major areas catering to specific needs viz. Mechanical testing, Chemical Testing, Metallurgical testing & Failure investigation, Non-destructive testing and Calibration (Force and Temperature).

About 25 qualified and experienced scientists, technicians and supporting staff are engaged in serving the divisions of HAL and other defence and non-defence organisations.

CMPL is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 standard by NABL since 2005 besides approvals from aerospace primes such as Rolls Royce, GE Aviation and Collins aerospace. The laboratory has recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research as an R&D Centre. The lab is also approved by Military aircraft Quality Assurance organisation DGAQA as per AFQMS. The lab has access to the manufacturing and material processing facilities of Foundry & Forge Division for taking up R&D activities


MetallographyWell equipped metallurgical section to carry out macro and micro examination, grain flow, inclusion rating, defect detection, phase identification, quantitative metallography, welding inspection etc. for variety of materials. Investigation of components failed in service, processing and testing using stereo microscope and scanning electron microscope.

Chemical Testing

Rapid Chemical analysis of elements of various engineering materials using Optical Emission Spectroscopy from percentage to ppm level. Analysis of trace and ultra-trace elements by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Determination of carbon & sulphur using Leco Carbon Sulphur analyser. Determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in steels and titanium alloys using Leco ONH analyser. Coating thickness analysis of surface coatings using Dualscope. Corrosion testing using Salt spray test.

Testing of Non-metallic Materials

Testing of non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastics, sealants, adhesives, paints, oils, fuels and lubricants. Range of tests include Hardness (IRHD, Shore A, D), Tensile strength, Elongation using UTM, Low temperature, high temperature and cyclic temperature tests, flash point (open and closed cup). Compatibility tests of rubber with fuel, oil and lubricants. Life extension tests of various aeronautical grade rubber items.

Mechanical Testing

Facility to conduct various tests such as hardness, tensile(Room & Elevated temperature), creep & stress rupture, stress corrosion, Axial and Rotating Beam fatigue test, under different testing conditions to meet national and international standards / specifications.


Calibration of various kinds of uni-axial force measuring equipment up to 3000 kN in compression and 100kN tension mode, calibration thermocouples, heat treatment & pre-heating furnaces up to 1180°C.

Non-destructive Testing

Section is equipped to carry out X-ray radiography, ultrasonic inspection, surface inspection using dye penetrant, eddy current testing and magnetic particle methods on variety of components made of different materials as per national and international standards.

Other Facilities

Research and Development in indigenisation of aerospace materials and special processes, preparation and validation of process specifications and test procedures, metallic and non-metallic materials data generation and compilation, Consultancy and Training on Corrosion, Training and certification of NDT personnel in the areas of ultrasonic testing, radiography and surface inspection, Material characterisation including friction material for high energy brake applications.

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