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Brief History

Brief History
Engine Division- Koraput was set up in April 1964 to manufacture R11-F2/F2S turbojet engine for MiG-21FL aircraft. Subsequently    the Division took up manufacturing of R25 series engines of MiG-21BIS aircraft & R29B engines for MiG27M aircraft. Simultaneously facilities for Overhaul of R11, R25, R29B and RD-33 were started. From 2007-08 onwards Division started manufacturing of RD-33 Ser.3 engines for MiG-29 aircraft.

To support manufacturing of aeroengines from raw material stage, FORGE AND FOUNDRY UNIT was established in the Year 1967.

Over last five decades Division has manufactured more than 1337 engines and overhauled more than 7700 Aero Engines.


  1. Quality Management System (AS 9100D)
  2. Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2015)
  3. Energy Management System (ISO 50001:2018)
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Management
  5. System (ISO 45001: 2018)
  6. AFQMS-2018
Engine Division - Koraput has the following high tech facilities
  • 4 Axis machining center 
  • 3 Axis milling machine
  • 2 Axis CNC lathe
  • 5 Axis CNC Jig Boring
  • 3.5 Axis CNC horizontal machining center
  • Conventional Jig Boring
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Gear Hobbing
  • CNC gear shaping
  • CNC gear tester
  • Single flank roll tester
  • CNC Gear Grinding
  • Conventional Universal grinding machine
  • CNC wire cut EDM
  • CNC cylindrical grinding
  • ROBOTIC PLASMA COATING facility- It has the Facilities for Plasma coating, flame coating, HVOF coating, and abradable coating on aero engine components by ABB robot with 6 internal axes and 3 external axes.
  • Facility for high temperature resistant enameling of flame tubes, adjustable nozzles and other hot zone components.
  • Heat Treatment facility for normalising, carburising, Cyaniding, Nitriding, Alitising, Solutionising, Aging, Diffusion Annealing, Sub-zero treatment and Vacuum & innert gas heat treatment to achieve the desired mechanical and metallurgical properties of materials.
  • Honeycomb forming through progressive die.
  • Large capacity lathes for tip tuning and tip grinding of rotor assemblies.
  • Ultrasonic strain hardening and micro shot peening equipment for disc slots and blade roots.
  • Radiographic quality test of weldments on heat resistant steels, aluminum, magnesium, nickel and titanium alloys.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope for Defect investigation along with metallurgical analysis
  • Laser non-contact CMM machine
  • Hot Iso-static Pressing (HIP) of Titanium, Nickle based and Aluminum based parts to reduce micro defects in casting for increase acceptance level of casting.
  • Rapid Prototyping Technology (RPT) for manufacturing of Sand moulds & cores directly from the CAD model using 3D Sand Printing Technology
  • Casting facility for Single crystal and DS blades
  • Fatigue testing facility for compressor & turbine blades
  • Isothermal forging press of 630 Ton capacity
  • High capacity crank Presses (1000 to 4000 tons), Hammers (630 to 3000kgs) and screw Presses (16000 tons)
  • Testing facility for Aero-engines, Aircraft Accessory Gearboxes, Turbo-starters and Aggregates

Category of Aero Engine Parts Outsourced are:


Sheet Metal Parts

  • Types: Branch pipes, Brackets, Damper, Plain Washers, Filter mesh, Filter disc, Screen, Deflector, Lock Washers, Turbine Locks, Sealing Rings, Braids, Gasket, Shield, Liner, Circlip.
  • Operations: Wire cut EDM, Routing, Bending, Forming, Blanking, Piercing, Drilling etc.

Machined Parts

  • Types: Turbine & Compressor Blades, Hollow guide vanes, Bi-hexagonal bolts, Sphere, Graphite seals, Bush, Ring, Bolts, Brackets, Discs, Shafts, Tie Rod, Flange, Swirler, Deflector, Valve, Piston, Cylinders, Elbow, Axle, Ring Holders.
  • Operations: Conventional Machining, CNC Machining, EDM, Blades Machining, Blade Polishing, Creep geed grinding, Internal, External, face & groove, Grinding, Gear profile Grinding, Thread Rolling, Graphite machining, Machining after Nitriding / Ion- Nitriding, Gear Shapping, Hobbing, Spline Milling Worm, Worm Wheel.

Non Metallic Component

  • PTFE Rings, Bush, Shaft, Gasket

Aero Engine Sub Assembly

  • Pump Casing
  • Best Performing Division Award 2015-16 for the category Improvement in Value addition per Employee over previous year
  • National Safety Award – 2011 from Ministry of Labour.
  • Excellence in Suggestion Scheme Context – 2013 dtd.12-02-2014
  • Rajbhasa Karyayanwayan Puruskar – 1st, Corporate Office, Bangalore - 2016
  • Rashtrya Bhasa Gaurav Award – 2016, Rashtrya Bhasha swabhiwan Nyas, New Delhi.
  • Karalay Deep  Puruskar – 2016, Raj Bhasa Sansthan , New Delhi.
  • Best performing Division- Category  Outsourcing to sales ratio – 2012-13
RD-33 Engine:
rd-33It is a twin spool, axial flow, low bypass turbofan engine incorporating After Burner system. It powers MiG-29 fighter aircraft. Presently, Division is engaged in manufacturing of RD-33,Ser.3 engines and overhaul of RD-33 Ser.1,2,3 engines.

Salient features:
Thrust = 8300 kgf
13- stage compressor,
Annular combustor
R25 engine
R25 engineR25 is a twin spool turbojet engine which powers MiG 21BIS aircraft. After completion of manufacturing in year 2008, presently overhaul of engine is being done in Division.

Salient features:
8- stage compressor,
Can-annular combustor,
Thrust=7100 kgf
Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) TG-16M
APUTG-16M is Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) unit which powers AI-20D engine of AN-32 Aircraft. The Division has been overhauling the unit since year 2004-05.
Forgings and Castings.
Forge and Foundry unit of Division produces precision components like Compressor Rotors blades, Stators, Turbine Blades and Nozzle Guide Vanes, intricate Cored Magnesium Alloy Gear Casings, Compressor and Turbine Discs and Shafts.
Supply of Spares and other major units
The Division manufactures and supplies the entire range of spares required for first and second-line servicing of engines at the IAF bases and base repair depots.

We are focused on keeping our countries fleet flying high safely, efficiently and sustainably through operational services like Manufacturing and Overhaul. Our OEM expertise & Global footprint allow us to diversify at different capacities.

Our mission is to ensure productivity, repair and Overhaul, in-time supply and service support for our esteem customer.

We provide following services to our esteemed customer:
  •  Overhauling of R-25 Engines for MiG-21 Bison Aircraft.
  •  Manufacturing and Overhaul of RD-33 Ser. 3 Engine for MiG-29 Aircraft
  •  Overhauling of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) TG-16M
  •  Overhaul of Aircraft Accessory Gearbox (KSA-33)
  •  Overhaul of Fuel and Electrical Aggregates.
  •  Manufacture of Precision Components, Forgings and Castings.
  •  Design & Development of Tooling, Ground Handling & Supporting Equipment
  •  Customer support & Training
  •  Defect Investigation/Failure Analysis
  •  Site Repair
General Manager (Koraput)

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Koraput Division
P.O. Sunabeda - 763 002,
District Koraput (Orissa), India.
Telephone: +91 06853 - 220200
Fax:           +91 06853 - 220201
Email: ed.koraput@hal-india.co.in

General Manager (Engine Division)

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Koraput Division
P.O. Sunabeda - 763 002,
District Koraput (Orissa), India.
P&T:  +91 06853 220363
Fax:   +91 06853-220004
E-mail: gmed.koraput@hal-india.co.in