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HAL’s cost-effective and widespread skills are available to the International Aerospace Community.

HAL has proven capabilities and offers collaborative arrangements in the areas of manufacturing of machine components, sheet metals,  assemblies, sub-assemblies and design and development tasks (Structural analysis, 3D modelling and testing).

Some of the work packages for renowned international aerospace leaders include :-
  • Airbus A320 Forward Passenger Doors
  • Boeing 777 Uplock Box Assembly
  • Boeing 737 Freighter Conversion Kits
  • Boeing F/A 18 Gun Bay Door
  • Boeing P-8 I Weapon Doors & Tailcone
  • Eurocopter Ecureuil composites
  • Boeing -3D-Modelling / Digitisation of Drawings
HAL has capability in design development tasks such as Master Geometry Development, Detail Design Analysis, Testing of Wind Tunnel models, Testing of aircraft structures and sub-systems. HAL is also involved in digitization of drawings (2D and 3D modeling) for leading aerospace companies in USA and Europe.

HAL's strength lies in its human resource consisting of highly qualified specialists engaged in the areas of design and  development of aviation equipment in addition to turnkey projects, consultancy, system design and analysis. Their effectiveness is enhanced by state-of-the-art IT infrastructure comprising of high-end Workstations, high performance / high reliability scalable Servers, high speed gigabit LANs and high speed Internet / ISDN facilities.

Current facilities at HAL include :-
  • Hewlett Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics and Sun Workstations and Servers on high speed gigabit LANs
  • Catia, Unigraphics, Enovia, Team Center Engineering and other CAD / CAM / VPM / PDM packages
  • Elfini, Nastran, Nisa Finite Element Analysis packages


Dornier-228HAL Dornier DO-228 is a light transport aircraft manufactured under license from M/s. Dornier GmbH of Germany.

Functional versatility with low operating cost makes HAL DO-228 adaptable for a wide variety of roles including Commuter, Air Taxi, Utility, Corporate, Aircrew Training, Maritime Surveillance, Search & Rescue and for Observation & Communication duties.

The Garrett TPE-331-5-252D Engines, Landing Gears and many of the instruments and avionics of the HAL- Dornier-228 aircraft are also manufactured in-house at different divisions of HAL.

This highly fuel-efficient, rugged, reliable, twin turbo-prop aircraft combines well proven features with advanced technologies in design and production and has been developed specifically to meet the manifold requirement of a variety of roles for various military, para-military and civil operators.

New Aerodynamic profile and special wing shape in Dornier-228 ensures improvement of lift / drag ratio compared to conventional wing design and has reduced induced drag, lower structural weight and high structural strength. These improvements result in excellent take-off, climb, cruise and landing characteristics.
The aircraft, originally designed, developed and manufactured by M/s Dornier GmbH, Germany is presently manufactured only by HAL. HAL now has world-wide marketing rights for HAL-Dornier-228 and can extend logistics / spares support throughout the operating life of aircraft.

Full-fledged facilities for repair, maintenance and overhaul of this aircraft, its engines and a large number of rotables are available within HAL, enabling it to provide single-source product support for the complete aircraft.

HAL has established a large customer base for HAL-Dornier-228 and has been supporting Regional Air Services, Defence Forces - Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force and other customers on regular basis. Through continuous modernisation / updation programs, HAL has developed the capability to provide tailor-made solutions to the customer's requirement.

Maritime Surveillance Version

The HAL Dornier -228 is ideally suited for Maritime Surveillance and Patrol roles. Typical surveillance tasks performed by D0-228 include :-
  • Patrolling of Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Patrolling land borders/ coastal areas
  • Search & Rescue
  • Pollution detection and control
  • Surveillance of fishery activities

Sate-of-the-art sensors and avionics enable the crew to carryout their task in a practical environment, with mission equipment well located. The cabin has ample space for aircrew comfort during long endurance sorties. The aircraft’s integral wing tanks with increased fuel capacity and low overall consumption enables it to fly for long duration typically 6-8 hrs with mission equipment installed.

Important features of Do-228 specific to Maritime Surveillance include :-
  • High fuel capacity
  • Ability to operate from short-semi prepared air fields.
  • Four wing hard points with capacity upto 1030 Kgs.
  • Ample cabin space for mounting of sensors.
  • Unobstructed Radar coverage
  • Outstanding performance in flying at low altitude
  • Open architecture for easier upgradation and modifications.

Mission specific equipments include :-

  • 3600 Surveillance Radar
  • Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR)
  • Forward looking Infra Red (FLIR)
  • Electronic Surveillance Measures System (ESM)
  • Microwave Radiometer
  • Handheld Annotating Camera
  • IR/UV Line Scanner
  • Pollution Control Pods
  • Two wing mounted Gun Pods each housing two 7.62 mm guns.
  • Optical Sight SP-700 for guns
  • Loud Hailer
  • Search light
  • Tactical Data Management System
  • Bubble windows
  • Liferafts
  • Flight Openable Roller Door

Utility Transport

HAL Dornier Do-228 can be used for wide range of transport options as VIP/Executive Transport, Regional Airliner/ Air Taxi and Troop Transport.

VIP / Executive Transport
HAL-Dornier-228 VIP/ Executive Transport offers a range of custom designed interiors for VIP/ Executives’ comfort coupled with well proven characteristics like long range, high speed, low maintenance, rugged and reliable structure. A wide choice of layouts and funishing in wood and fabric is combined with functional lavatory, hot meals galley and wardrobe.

Options available
  • 2 luxury and upto 11 deluxe seats
  • Working table for VIPs
  • Ward robe
  • Large galley with refrigerator and food warmer
  • Flushing toilet with wash basin facility
  • Additional sound proffing
  • Call-bell facility
  • Bubble windows

Regional Airliner / Air Taxi
Low maintenance and high cruise speed make HAL-Dornier-228 ideally suitable for operation as Regional Airliner/ Air Taxi for short multi-stage or medium range flights with high despatch reliability. The light and airy cabin can be configured for various layouts with comfortable seating. Built-in stairs in the passenger door facilitates loading and unloading of passengers independent of ground equipment. Baggage compartments, one in the front and the other in the rear cater for speedy access and rapid turn-around.

Options available
  • Various seating layouts
  • Toilet compartment
  • Galley with hot and cold jugs
  • Wardrobe
  • Additional sound proofing.

Troop Transport
The troop transport version fulfills the need for quick movement of armed forces’ personnel to where they are needed. The troop transport configuration can be quickly adapted for parajump operations by addition of the anchor line cable and jumpmaster equipment.
Basic Data
Empty Weight: 1100 kg
Max speed (Vne: 210 kmph
Max. All Up Wt.: 1950 kg
Cruising Speed: 192 kmph
Service Ceiling: 5400 m
Overall Length (Rotor Rotating)
12.910 meters
560 km
Overall Width (Blade folded): 2.380 meters
Endurance: 4.1 hrs
Overall Height: 3.090 meters
Fuel Capacity: 575 litres
HAL provides Spares, Repair & Overhaul services for the following aircraft and engines:

  • Jaguar
  • MiG-21 series aircraft
  • Su-30
  • DO-228
  • Mirage 2000
  • HS-748
  • Cheetah (LAMA SA315 Helicopters)
  • Chetak ( Alouette III)
  • Dhruv - Advanced Light Helicopter

  • Garrett
  • Dart
  • Artouste IIIB
  • R-11/ R-25/ RD-33
  • Repair and Overhauling of Marine LM2500 Gas Turbines for countries including Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, UAE and Vietnam

Dhruv (Advanced Light Helicopter)

Dhruv (Advanced Light Helicopter)
With a proven track record and established technology for the manufacture of helicopters and its components, the Helicopter Division commenced series production of Dhruv (Advanced Light Helicopter -ALH) in 2000-2001.The ALH is a multi-role, multi-mission helicopter in 5,5 tonne class, fully designed and developed by HAL.
Bulit to FAR 29 specifications, Dhruv is designed to meet the requirment of both military and civil operators.
Dhruv is designed to perform both utility and attack roles. With a twin-engine configuration, Dhruv allows continued flight virtually throughout the flight envelope.Dhruv incorporates a number of advanced technologies; Integrated Dynamic System(IDS), Anti-resonance Isolation System(ARIS), Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC), Hingeless Main Rotor, Bearingless Tail Rotor, and Automatic Flight Contorl System to name a few.
Basic Data Performance
Length: 15.87 meters Cruising Speed: 250 kmph
Main Rotor Diameter: 13.20 meters Max Continuous Speed: 270 kmph
Height: 4.98 meters Never Exceeded Speed: 300 kph
Max. Take-off Weight: 5500 kg Range: 660 km
Useful Load: 2600 kg Endurance: 3.5 Hrs
Cabin Volume: 7.33 m3 Max. Oblique Rate of Climb: 620 m/min
Fuel Capacity: 1100 Service Ceiling: 4500 m

Turbomeca TM 333-2B2 Twin Turbo-shaft Engine 746 kw (1000 SHP) each.


The Helicopter Division manufactures the versatile and multi-purpose Chetak Helicopters for civil and military applications both for Domestic and International customers. The Chetak helicopter is a multi-role, seven-seater Helicopter, spacious and simple in design. The Chetak is highly manoeuverable and well suited to flying over sea, tropical and desert conditions. The Chopper can be effectively deployed for a variety of civil and military roles that include communication, rescue, aerial survey, cargo & passenger transport and combat. Armed with missiles and torpedoes, it also caters to the exacting requirement of anti submarine and anti tank warfare. The automatic starting system gives the Chetak an uncommon instant start capability cutting down the time from start to take-off to less than a minute. With an all up weight of 2200 kg it can cruise at 185 kmph covering a range of 500 km and has endurance of 3.40 hours.

Basic Data
Empty Weight: 1230 kg
Max. Speed: 210 kmph
Total AUW: 970 kg
Service Ceiling: 5400 m
Range: 290 km
Max. Range (Gun): 12.897 meters
Endurance: 2 hrs 30 min
Max. Range (Rockets): 2.602 meters
Rate of Climb (SL): 5.5 m/sec


The Cheetah is simple in concept and rugged in construction. This HAL version of Aerospatiale Lama SA 315, is a lightweight high performance helicopter, specially designed for operations over a wide range of weight, centre of gravity and altitude conditions. It is powered by the tried and trusted. Artouste-IIIB engine, also manufactured at HAL under licence from Turbomeca of France. The turbo-shaft engine produces 550 S.H.P. at 33500 rpm. The Cheetah also incorporates the latest technologies viz., hydraulic servo controls, ultra sensitive constant speed governor and an automatic starting system facilitating starting and take-off in less than a minute. With minimal adaptation it can be transformed into an excellent sprayer. Agile and highly manoeuverable, the Cheetah can carry external cargo up to 1 MT. The Cheetah also excels in observation, surveillance, logistics support, earth resource survey and rescue operations. The Cheetah comfortably seats five and can also operate in unfavorable environmental conditions.


LancerThe Lancer Helicopter is a light attack helicopter developed by HAL as a cost-effective airmobile area weapon system. The basic structure of the Lancer is derived from the reliable and proven Cheetah helicopter.

The Lancer is optimized for anti-insurgency operations, close air support, suppression of enemy fire, attack on vehicular convoys, destruction of enemy machine gun positions and anti-armour applications.

The Lancer carries two jettisonable combination gun-cum-rocket pods, one each on the right and left side, on suspension points located on the armament pylon. A gun sight is provided for accurate aiming and firing by the pilot. Each pad carries one 12.7 mm gun and three 70 mm rockets.
Basic Data
Empty Weight: 1350 kg
Max Speed (Vne): 210 kmph
Total AUW: 1950 kg
Service Ceiling: 5400 m
Rate of firing: 1100 rounds per min
Range: 290 km
Max. Range (Gun): 6 km
Endurance: 2 hrs 30 min
Max. Range (Rockets): 3 km
Rate of Climb (SL): 5.5 m/sec


EnginesHAL with its vast experience has acquired state-of-the-art technologies for manufacture, repair and overhaul of engines.

HAL manufactures Adour, Dart, Garrett and Artouste engines in addition to the engines for MiG 21 variants and MiG 27M. HAL’s Engine Divisions have specialised in the development of small gas turbines and engine test beds.

HAL provides Spares and Services support on Dart, Artouste and MiG related engines for its overseas customers.

HAL’s clientele spans across USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Mauritius, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Egypt


EnginesJaguar aircraft is powered by two Adour MK 804 / MK 811 engines. MK 811 engines are manufactured since 1981 under licence from RR/TM [ Rolls Royce Turbomeca ].

Adour MK 804 engines are also overhauled and repaired under the above licence.

Adour engine is a bypass jet engine of modular construction. The Adour has two-stage low pressure and five-stage high pressure axial flow compressors which are driven by separate, single-stage high pressure and low pressure turbines connected through co-axial shafts, with the low pressure shaft passing through the high pressure shaft.
Main Characteristics
Intake diameter (m) 0.564
Length (m) 2.90
Weight (kg) 794
Thrust(Kg) 2500 (dry), 3737 (wet)
Specific fuel consumption(kg / kg-hr) 0.80

GARRETT 331 - 5

EnginesThe Garrett TPE 331-5 turbo prop engine is being manufactured, overhauled and repaired for various customers under licence from Garrett Engine Division of Honey Well Company [earlier Allied Signal Aerospace Company, USA] since 1988 and belongs to one of the most popular series of small turbo prop engines powering a large number of commuter and corporate aircraft such as Dornier DO-228.

It has a single shaft centrifugal compressor engine rated at 715 shaft horse power at 1591 RPM output speed. Being a reverse flow gas turbine with a small frontal area, it has better dry specifics and easier airframe integration. Apart from its simplicity of design and superior performance, the engine features a propeller control system, anti-icing and foreign object damage resistance, reverse thrust and negative torque sensing facilities.
Main Characteristics
Maximum Diameter (m) 0.7
Length (m) 1.11
Weight (kg) 164
Power (shp) 715
Specific fuel consumption (kg / shp-hr) 0.268

Artouste III B

EnginesArtouste III B Engine powers both Cheetah and Chetak helicopters. The manufacture of this engine commenced in 1962 under licence from Turbomeca, France.

The engine has side air intake, one axial and one centrifugal compressor connected to a three-stage turbine. The power output is 550 SHP at 33500 RPM. The reduction gear box in the front transfers the power to helicopter. More than 665 engines have been manufactured and 2950 engines overhauled and repaired for various customers.
Main Characteristics
Maximum Diameter (m) 0.50
Length (m) 1.815
Weight (kg) 182
Power (shp) 550
Specific fuel consumption (kg / shp-hr) 0.346

Potential For Overhaul and Repair - DART 533 - 2 AND 536 - 2T

EnginesThe Dart series of engines were manufactured since 1966. under licence from Rolls Royce, UK but at present are being repaired and overhauled. Two Dart engines power HS-748 aircraft.

This engine has two-stage centrifugal compressors, three- stage turbine and utilises water methanol injection to increase the shaft horse power.

Main Characteristics
Maximum Diameter (m) 0.960
Length (m) 2.490
Weight (kg) 628.6
Power (shp) 533-2 1835 (dry)
1990 (wet)
536-2T 1835
2040 (wet)
Specific fuel consumption (kg / shp-hr) 0.348

GE Marine LM2500 Gas Turbine

Light weight and compact with high thermal efficiency. Used for naval vessels and commercial ships as well as industrial applications. The LM 2500 which has been derived from the TF 39 Military and CF 6 commercial aircraft engine family is a compact, high performance turbine for marine propulsion systems and industrial power plants. In order to provide maximum reliability, increased life of parts and outstanding performance it incorporates the latest development in design technology and corrosion resistant material for engine components.

The LM 2500 Gas Turbine has been selected by 24 Naval establishments of the free world and powers a broad spectrum of ships ranging from 230 tons to 55,000 tons displacements. This gas turbine has also other applications such as power generation, compressor application. ONGC Mumbai has 5 of these units operating in its off-shore platforms
Engine Specification  
Width (inches) 82
Length (inches) 257
Weight (kg) 4772
Nominal continuous power (KW)      24310
Airflow (kg/sec) 69.80

Facilities available for LM 2500 Engine
  • Trained Technical Manpower
  • Established Assembly and Overhaul facilities
  • Exclusive and proven Test Bed for the performance validation of engine

Strength and Effective Quality Control
The Quality control department is equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets, machines and equipment  to maintain the highest quality standards during all stages of manufacture and overhaul.


Sl No. Product Function

Advanced Communication System -ACS 235

To provide radio communication in VHF, UHF bands with AM, FM & ECCM


VOR / ILS / Marker & variants- VOR/ILS

To provide navigation for en-routing, landing and approach.



Tactical Air Navigation - TACAN

TACAN is a polar coordinate type radio air navigation system that provides aircrew with range and bearing information


Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponder- IFF Mk XII Series

Identification of targets as Friend or Foe in Mk X, XI & XII modes


Radio Altimeters - RAM 2700 Series

Measurement of vertical height with respect to terrain.


Multi-Functional Display (MFD) 
A small LCD screen used to display information to the pilot in numerous configurable ways. It is available in different size & nature 

Digital Map Generator (DMG)
Digital Map Generator is being used for generation of Digital Map to be displayed on MFD. It superimposes symbology over digitized map.

Head Up Display System (HUD)
An electro optical device that projects flight information on a combiner glass for the pilot’s head-up viewing.

Inertial Navigation and Global Positioning System (INGPS): 
An inertial system with an embedded GPS receiver that provides aircraft peripheral equipment with all necessary inertial inputs.

Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) 
Used to record flight parameters and voice for post incident/accident analysis to investigate and establish cause.



Opto-Electric Sighting and Navigation Complex (OEPrNK-30MK-03)
Functional integration of on-board radio electronic equipment for weapon use and aircraft control in all flight and navigation modes.

Complex Signaling System (KISS-2-10M-1)
This system is designated for inspection of equipment and systems of aircraft in flight and during carrying out random technical maintenance and scheduled work on systems of aircraft on ground. 

Alarm Warning and Advisory Signaling System (SAS-6-11M)
Meant for warning the Pilot with the help of light and sound signal about failure, unserviceability and operational mode of the system unit.

Automatic Air Intake Regulating System (ARV-40A)
Meant for controlling the position of panel for the air of two separate air intake tubes of aircraft to ensure optimum characteristics of their joint operation with engines.

Icing Signaling Device (SO-121VM)
Meant for giving electrical commands about presence of icing conditions to signaling panel and into automatic control system in case of appearance of icing of aircraft. 

Foundry & Forge Division has proven capability in developing high quality Aluminium thin walled   Castings & Steel, Nickel and Titanium Forgings of Steel as per the current aerospace standards and specific customer quality requirements.

The Division is the OEM supplier of complex castings, precision forgings & Rolled Rings. Currently, our exports caters to major Civil Aircraft programs.

  • AS 9100 C
  • NADCAP for  Heat Treatment, NDT and  Chemical Processing &
  • NABL