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Brief History

Welcome to the Foundry and Forge Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

The Foundry & Forge Division was established in 1974. The Division's facility, set up on a lush expanse of 32 acres, manufactures Castings, Forgings, Rolled Rings, Shape Memory Alloy Products instead of Shape Memory Alloy Ferrules, Brake pads and Rubber Products for critical applications for the Aeronautics, Space, Defense, Locomotive, Earth mover and other industries. Advanced Technology, Quality and Reliability and a highly skilled workforce have enabled the Division to turn out fail safe components for vital applications in meeting the exacting needs of every customer.

Foundry & Forge Division, besides catering to it’s sister Divisions, supplies products to various domestic customers as well as global Aircraft /Aero-engine primes and Aircraft System manufacturers.

Our Mission

The mission of Foundry & Forge Division is to deliver competitive products and services that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We shall achieve our mission by:

•    Understanding customers' need
•    Developing our human resources
•    Using systematic selection, develop technical support and surveillance of our suppliers and
•    Improving regularly the facilities
•    Continuously improving manufacturing methods
•    Introducing product improvement based on customer feedback


Well-equipped support facilities have given a fillip to the core competence of the Foundry & Forge Division.

Complementing the Division's comprehensive infrastructure is its manpower of skilled and experienced workmen and qualified engineers. The Division spares no effort to impart professional and technical training to constantly update their skills and capabilities.
Product Engineering
This full-fledged and well-equipped Engineering Department, with its highly qualified and experienced professionals, acts as a functional interface between our customer and manufacturing departments, rendering technical support. The department is also responsible for process optimization and troubleshooting to ensure total and consistent conformance of quality of products to customer specifications.
The combination of men and machine - the technology of CAD/CAM adapted and applied by the well-trained hands of experienced personnel - naturally results in precise dimensional accuracy for dies & patterns.
Heat Treatment
The Division is NADCAP accredited for Heat Treatment. The two Heat Treatment sections, one each in the Foundry and Forge shops are equipped with electrically heated furnaces (up to 2.2 meters diameter) with advanced temperature controllers and recorders for a range of heat treatments from solutionising and ageing to hardening and tempering, besides annealing and normalizing. Among the other facilities is the 1 m diameter by 1 m depth Vaccum heat treat furnace with gas quenching facility.
Other Supporting Facilities:
  •  Alloy fabrication
  •  Sand Rapid Prototype Machine (Additive Layer Manufacturing)
  •  NDT facilities – MPI, FPI, 3D Scanner, Digital Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing
  • F & F Division is looking out for outsourcing partners in the following areas:
    • Rough machining of Rolled rings & Forgings
    • Machining and polishing of Aerofoil forgings
    • CNC machining of forging dies
    • Fabrication of casting tooling
    • Wire cutting and water-jet cutting
    • Aircraft Brake pad machining
    • Gamma radiography
  • Vendors interested to provide the above services may please contactSenior Manager (Outsourcing) at 080-22321343 / 1371 ;
National & International Approvals
  • Awards:
    • Best vendor award from BHEL, Ordnance Factory
    • National Metallurgist Awards - 07
    • Green Foundry Award
    • International Diamond Star Award in the realm of Customer Satisfaction
    • Non Ferrous Best Performance Award by IIM
    • Production Technology Award from AeSI
    • Indigenization of Aeronautical Award by AeSI
    • Casting of the year award from IIFM
    • Raksha Mantri Award for Excellence in Indigenization
  • IPRs:
    • Patents / Copyrights filed - 14
    • Patents / Copyrights awarded – 05


  • The Foundry & Forge Division has the infrastructure and expertise to manufacture radiographic quality castings to international standards. This section offers Radiographic quality Castings in a wide range of Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys to stringent specifications of customers.

The main areas are:

  • Aluminum alloy Sand and Gravity Die castings
  • Magnesium alloy Sand Castings
  • Investment castings in Aluminium Alloys, Steels and Vacuum Melted Nickel Alloys


  • Automated Moulding line  with Core shooters
  • Melting furnaces
  • Low Pressure Sand Casting machine, Electrical and Gas Ford Rotary Degasser
  • Vacuum heat treatment
  • Surface treatments such as Chromating
  • Radiography unit up to 300 KVA
  • Unique Capabilities
  • Complex shaped Aluminium alloy castings up to 400 kg weight
  • Large magnesium alloy castings of size 1000 diameter * 600 mm height and 110 kgs weight
  • Castings with narrow ‘as cast’ oil passages of 4 to 10 mm diameter

Product Range


Process Max Dimension Tolerance in mm (range) Weight in kg. Surface finish in um.


Gravity /  Low Pressure Sand 


±1 to ±4


6 to 25

Gravity Die      


±0.5 to ±1.5


6 to 12



Gravity /   Low Pressure Sand 


±1 to ±4


8 to 25

Gravity Die      


±0.5 to ±3.0


6 to 18



Air Induction Melting

Melting Capacity: 25 - 75 Kgs 
400 mm dia x 400 mm height

±0.3 mm

Ni: 0.01 to 6

Steel: 0.01 to 12

Al: 0.01 to 2




Vacuum Induction Melting

Melting Capacity: 15 – 25 Kgs

400 mm dia x 400 mm height

±0.3 mm

General Forgings

The General Forge Shop is, perhaps the only one of its kind in India with the capability to manufacture forgings of various specifications of shape, size weight and numbers. The shop has, since the early sixties, manufactured  forgings in a variety of alloys in many complex configurations.


  •  A 3000-tonne hydraulic press
  •  A 10-tonne Counter blow hammer with a 500-tonne clipping press
  •  1 tonne gravity Drop hammer
  •   Pneumatic hammers of 1500 kg, 1000kg, 500 kg and 150 kg capacities.
  •   Cutting machines
  •   Battery of electrical resistance pre-heating furnaces
  •   Shot blasting machine
  •   Heat treatment furnaces for hardening, tempering, solutionising, ageing, normalising and annealing
  •   Process and fettling shops

 Unique Capabilities

  •  Forgings in all wrought alloys
  • Open forgings, closed die forgings and Saddle  forged rings

Product Range

Process Size in mm (max) Weight in kg. Tolerance in mm (range) Surface finish in um.

Open Die Forgings

Aluminium    Alloys

800 x 800

175 ± 5 10 to 15
Magnesium    Alloys

600 x 600

100 ± 5 10 to 15

500 x 175

300 ± 5 15 to 20
Closed    Die Forgings
Aluminium    Alloys 650 x 200 50 ± 0.5 to    ± 2 3 to 5
Magnesium    Alloys 400 x 400 10 ± 0.5 to    ± 2 3 to 5
Steels 300 x 300 40 ± 0.5 to    ± 3 6 to 8
Aero-engine blades
Aluminium    Alloys 400 x 250 3.5

+0.15 / -0.00


Nickel Alloys

150 x 70 1.0 +0.15 / -0.00


Steels 350 x 150 2.0

+0.30 / -0.00


Titanium Alloys

250 x 100 1.2

+0.30 / -0.00


Fan Blades for Gas Turbines (Al)

800 x 200



3 to 5

Close Die Near net forgings

Aluminium    Alloys

300 x 300 

20 ± 1 3 to 5

Nickel Alloys

200 x 200  15

±0.5 to ±1.0

6 to 8

Steels 250 x 250 20

±0.5 to ±1.0

6 to 8

Titanium Alloys

200 x 200 15

±0.5 to ±1.0

6 to 8

Precision Forgings

A combination of state-of-the-art facilities and traditional hand skills has enabled the Precision Forgings Section to engineer quality into its high technology products. The process and inspection support has been designed around production of precision forgings to close tolerance.

  • Friction screw presses - capacities of 2000 tonnes, 500 tonnes and 300 tonnes
  • 3200T and 1000-tonne direct drive screw presses.
  • A 250-tonne horizontal upsetter
  • Abrasive blasting equipment
  • Vibratory finishing mills
  • Process shop for degreasing, etching, electropolishing and size-etching operations
  • Fluroescent penetrant inspection unit
  • Double-ended polishing lathes
  • Dedicated inspection facility including CMM for precision forged blades

Unique Capabilities
  • Complex precision forged products including aerofoil shapes in all wrought alloys and precision blades from component drawing using CAD/CAM/CMM route of manufacture
  • Custom built equipment for forging, processing and inspection of precision forgings especially compressor and turbine blades
  • Abrasive blasting and vibratory finishing equipment
  • Optical projectors and multi-gaugung equipment backed by checking fixtures, gauges and other inspection aids
  • Range of screw presses to undertake manufacture of a wide range of precision forged products

Powder Metallurgy

The Powder metallurgy unit is unique in its capability to manufacture a range of sintered friction and anti-friction materials such as Copper and Iron-based brake pads and bimetallic anti-friction bearings and bushes for aircraft. The DGAQA and DGCA have approved the unit for design, development, manufacture and testing of military and civilian aircraft brake pads.

  • Twin roller pot mills and double cone blenders for powder mixing
  • 100, 250, 500 , 1500 & 3000 tonne capacity hydraulic powder compacting presses
  • Hydrogen atmosphere pressure sintering Bell furnaces, Continuous pusher furnaces
  • Unique dynamometer testing facility for assessing performance characteristics of friction materials and brake pads

Product Range
Different sizes and shapes of Copper and Iron-base metalloceramic friction pads, and resin-based organic brake pads.

Rubber Products

Precision rubber items and metal rubber bonded components such as gaskets, seals, o-rings, bellows, sleeves, diaphragms, and shock mounts are  manufactured to stringent aeronautical standards. A range of materials including Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicone, Fluorocarbon and Flurosilicone rubbers to suit operational requirements of aircraft or helicopters in the areas of gear boxes, fuel systems, engines, electrical circuits, vibration damping and structures are manufactured.


  • Hydraulic presses up to 150 ton capacity with automatic temperature and time control
  • Roll mixing mills
  • Extruder
  • Hot air ovens

Unique Capabilities

  • Moulded products with close tolerance limits of ± 0.02 to + 0.1 mm up to a size of 200 * 200 * 200 mm.
  • Development of rubber compounds to any specifications and pre-determined requirements.

Product Range

Product Size (max) in mm
'O' Rings, Seals, Grommets Up to 220 ID * 10 mm
Bushes, Bellows, Boots, Pads, Washers, Gaskets, Metal-Bonded Items Up to 300 * 300 * 10 mm Up to 150 * 150 * 50 mm

Rolled Rings

The Ring Rolling facility has a state-of-the-art Ring Rolling mill incorporating the latest technology including computerised control of operation and laser measuring device.
The Ring mill is also capable of manufacturing profiled rolled rings in variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
The unit also has an expertise and technology for manufacture of rings in Maraging steel, a strategic material used for defence and aerospace applications, with the close control of hot working and heat treatment process parameters.

  • Computer controlled Ring Rolling mill with 100 tonne radial force and 63 tonne axial force.
  • Electrically heated low and high temperature pre-heating furnaces (up to 2.2 metre diameter)
  • A 800-tonne capacity ring expander for cold expansion of Aluminium Alloy rings
  • Preform making facility on 3000 tonne and 1500 Tonne Hydraulic Presses
  • Raw material cutting facility up to 400 mm diameter

Unique Capabilities

  • Rolled rings in all wrought alloys including super alloys
  • In-house facilities for post-rolling operations including Heat treatment, Nondestructive and Destructive tests.
  • Ring expansion or compression for relief of residual stress in Aluminium alloy rings
  • Rolling of rings with either or both internal/external profiles.

Product Range

  Mill 1(100/63T) Mill 2(200/250T)

OD (mm)

HT (mm)

I/P Wt (Kgs)

OD (mm) HT (mm) I/P Wt (Kgs)
Aluminium 3000 300 225 3000 500 1000
Steels 2000 300 1200 3000 500 2000
Titanium 1500 300 200 2000 500 500
Nicket 500 85 50 2000 500 250
  • Full Fledged R&D laboratory facility  - Nodal Agency for testing and consultancy support in materials.
  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Metallurgical testing & Characterization
    • Non -destructive testing
    • Chemical analysis
    • Mechanical testing
    • Calibration – Force and Thermal
    • Materials Research & Development (including indigenization)
    • Technical Consultancy on Materials
    • Accident/Incident Failure Analysis
    • Design data generation
    • Training programs on NDT (including failure analysis) and Heat treatment
  • Customers interested in availing the above testing services may please contact:
            Manager (Marketing) at 080-22323132 / 2911 ;
The General Manager
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