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MRO Division
Welcome to the Helicopter MRO Division, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (Helicopter Complex).

Brief history

1To create a customer centric organization and provide focused impetus to the growing MRO activities on rotary wing aircrafts which includes the indigenously developed ALH (Advanced Light Helicopter “Dhruv”) & New Projects a dedicated new Division called Helicopter MRO Division was formed and is fully operational from December 2006 as a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of HAL with focus on robust customer support for the delivered helicopters.
Helicopter MRO Division is one of the best in class customer centric organization for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of Rotary wing aircrafts / rotables / LRUs in the country.
The Division provides service and lifetime support to the ALH and other rotary wing products, In addition, the Division has detachments in various operating bases in India and abroad. The Division also supports the Seaking program of Indian Navy by providing support for repair and overhaul of Transmission systems of Seaking helicopters.

The Division provides product support to the various Defence customers such as Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Coast Guard & foreign customers such as Nepal, Maldives & Mauritius.
The Division has set up customer support bases at the various operating bases of the customer located in India and located in foreign countries – Nepal, Maldives and Mauritius. The number of bases will grow as the new production helicopters join the services


ALH & LCHCurrently, the Division has established full facility for undertaking maintenance and servicing of medium light helicopters. With the existing infrastructure the division has been successfully taking up scheduled and unscheduled servicing of ALH-DHRUV MK I, MK II, MK III and MK IV. Division has inbuilt capacity to handle 26 medium lift H/c per Year .The division is gearing up to undertake the ROH of LCH.

MRO Hub:

MRO Hub:With the objective to reduce the logistic cycle time, provide faster repair and maintenance support to ALH fleet and improve serviceability, Division has established MRO Hub at location closer to existing field of Army deployment in Punjab and Assam.

Scope of MRO Hubs
  • Undertake maintenance, rectification and insitu repairs of rotables and LRUs.
  • Logistic support for movement of spares.
  • Technical assistance to near bases


PBLDivision supports ICG fleet through Performance based Logistics (PBL). PBL contract for Helicopters is a first of its kind in HAL, which provide a one stop solution for maintenance of complete Helicopter, Engine and components. Helicopter MRO division is the nodal agency for execution of ICG ALH PBL contract. PBL Contract assures 75% overall availability of 16 ALH Mk III fleet of ICG.


SeakingIn a major diversification initiative, the Division is embarking on additional activities such as
  • 90 weekly Inspection of Seaking Helicopters.
  • Midlife up-grade of Seaking 42C Helicopters.

Equipment with modern infrastructure & facilities

Equipment with modern infrastructure & facilities
The Division is equipped with modern infrastructure & facilities including dedicated transmission lines, LRU Labs, Assembly Hangars and test centre.

With a view to reduce the turnaround time and the logistics, the Division during 2009-10 took up servicing of helicopters at base. Accordingly, a multifunction skilled team from the Division along with the customer carried out servicing as well as trains the customer technicians to undertake servicing.

Helicopter MRO Division is one of the best in class customer centric organization for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of Rotary wing aircrafts / rotables / LRUs in the country.
The Division has the following High Tech. facilities:
  • Multipurpose test rig for ALH & Seaking projects.
  • Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical Measuring instruments/Equipments.
  • Indigenous test jigs for troubleshooting/testing.
  • IADS, AFCS test bench.
  • Hydraulic Actuators / Test Bench Facility.
  • OBIGGS Test Bench
  • Helium leak Detection System
  • Thermal chamber.
  • BGA work station.
  • DMC, HISL, Rocket Launcher.
  • Contour Measuring Equipments.
  • Co-ordinate Measuring Machine.
  • Advanced Profile video scope.
  • SOAP analysis Facility.
  • Spot Welding Facility.
  • Hydraulic hose proof pressure facility.
  • Hydraulic tube swaging facility.
  • Calibration equipments.
  • Clean Room.
  • ESD protective work environment.
  • UPS, Generator facilities for Back up.
What we can Offer:
Presently, the Division is providing the product support activity for the ALH and Seaking programmes. The service profile includes:
  • 300/600/900 /1200/1500/1800/2100/2400/2700 hours servicing of ALH both in Division & at bases
  • Lead helicopter servicing.
  • TBO servicing.
  • Repair of transmission rotables.
  • Repair/ Overhaul / PI Check of LRU’s.
  • Repair/overhaul of Seaking transmission rotables
  • PBL support.
  • AOG support.
  • Warranty support
  • Supply of spares against RMS Orders.
  • Defect investigations.
  • Compliance of modifications and up-gradations.
  • Deputation of in-situ repair teams.
  • Installation and commissioning of bay servicing equipment.
  • Liaison with design on technical queries
  • Testing support to other Divisions
  • Coordination of repair activities of LRUs at OEM
  • Onsite technical assistance.
  • Supply of manuals and documentation
  • Development of vendors.
  • Support for LCH ROH.
Helicopter MRO Division is exploring potential business opportunities with private partners for service and support for supply of rotary wing aircraft parts.
To support our division the exposure is expected to have in the following areas:
  • Exposure in design, development and fabrication of tools, manufacturing & supply of rotary wing aircraft parts.
  • AS9100D certification for manufacturing and supplying of aerospace components.
  • Exposure in design and development of fixtures, checking templates, machining and supply of helicopter parts etc.
  • Handling of high value raw material (basically aerospace material) with good identification and storage capacity. Bank guarantee, Indemnity bond and insurance for the material held to be provided to HAL MRO.
  • Part Programming, proving capability is mandatory.
  • Close tolerances, repeatability to be achieved as per part drawing.
  • High quality standards to be maintained. Good measuring instruments with periodic calibration to be ensured.
  • Co-ordinated team work is expected from the supplier partner.
  • Collection of raw material and returning to HAL is in vendor scope.
The Helicopter MRO Division, Bangalore is equipped with following ISO & Aerospace Certification:
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS 9100D,
  • ISO/IEC 27001 : 2013,           
  • ISO 14001: 2015
  • ISO 45001:2018      
ALH: A Reliable, Versatile and all Weather Helicopter
Major Features
  • Designed to perform both utility and attack roles.
  • Twin Engine Configuration.
  • Incorporates number of advanced technologies like Integrated Dynamic System (IDS),Anti-Resonance Vibration Isolation System (ARIS), Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC), Hingeless Main Rotor, Bearingless Tail Rotor and Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS).
ALH-IN Multi Roles
  • Logistic air support
  • Search and rescue
  • Under slung load
  • Ship deck landing
  • Casualty evacuation
  • Air observation post
  • Communication duties
The division has established full facility for undertaking maintenance and servicing of medium light helicopters. With the existing infrastructure the division has been successfully taking up scheduled and unscheduled servicing of ALH-DHRUV MK I / II / III / IV.Division is gearing up to take up the LCH ROH.
Our Services:
  • Full fledge servicing capability of helicopters: The division has established full facility for undertaking maintenance and servicing of medium light helicopters. With the existing infrastructure the division has been successfully taking up scheduled and unscheduled servicing of ALH-DHRUV MK I / II / III & IV.
  • Defect investigation capability: The division is fully capable of undertaking Defect Investigation of helicopter systems and rotables give recommendations and dispositions.
  • Transmission repair and Overhaul capability: The division has established facility and infrastructure for undertaking scheduled/unscheduled servicing, repair, overhaul of Transmission rotables and its systems. The facility has full capability with respect to disassembly, assembly and reclamation activities & processes of the transmission rotables.
  • IT infrastructure:  The division has a dedicated capability with respect to IT related activities and has a core team to implement IT needs. It can provide a robust ERP package and support its users & has resources to customize to the user needs and requirements.
  • GHE/GSE support: The division has a dedicated team capable of handling Ground Handling Equipments/Ground Support Equipment needs and is capable of providing repair and maintenance support to the equipments. The Team is also capable of providing calibration support to the equipments.
  • Supply chain management: The division has a robust Supply Chain Management practices backed by a dedicated planning, purchase and finance team. The division has integrated stores and a dedicated receiving and shipping capability in order to have an effective supply chain management system.
  • AOG and RMSO management: The division through its dedicated customer Services department has full capability to provide an efficient RMSO and AOG support to its customers.
  • Product support/Customer Services: The division has a dedicated Customer Support team that has the capability to handle all the issues and needs of the customer. They have been effectively dealing with various customers both national and international.
  • Testing and Ground Test: The division has capability of testing various transmission rotables of helicopter programs that includes Seaking, and ALH.The Test rigs available in the division are capable of being adapted to cater to the needs of various other systems and rotables.
  • On-Site management: The division has capability of providing on-site maintenance support to helicopters at the various customer operating bases. The division has been successfully executing in-situ servicing of ALH at customer operated bases.
  • Rotable management: The division backed by its dedicated repair shops and facilities has the capability of providing excellent rotable management support to various customers.
  • Reclamation and Recycling of systems and component: The division has state of art facilities and repair centres to undertake reclamation and recycling of components. The division has full capabilities to undertake repair schemes and providing finishing operations to the various components and turning it serviceable. This includes a dedicated SOAP test facility.
  • Bay Servicing & Customer Training: The division has a full fledged capability of training customer to the needs of helicopter maintenance. The division is also capable of commissioning and installing Bay Servicing Equipments at any Customer operated base.
  • Reliability Analysis: The division backed by its dedicated Quality engineering department has full capability of undertaking reliability analysis of the helicopter systems and rotables. The department has capability of analysing the available information and extracts relevant results and output from it. This can lead to improved serviceability and availability of the helicopters to the customers.
Please contact

General Manager,
Helicopter MRO Division,
Helicopter Complex,
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited,
Post Bag No.1796, Vimanapura Post,
Bangalore - 560 017, INDIA.
E-mail ID:  jasbir.singh@hal-india.co.in
E-mail ID: gm.mro@hal-india.co.in

Telephone: 91 - 080 – 22316813, 22322002
Fax: 91 - 080 – 22314354
Website: www.hal-india.co.in
  • Director General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA), India - AFQMS Approval
  • Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India – CAR 145 AMO Organization approval.
Light Utility Helicopter (LUH)
  • Light Utility Helicopter (LUH)