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Brief History

Welcome to the Industrial & Marine Gas Turbine Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

IMGT Division, HAL, Bangalore, India provides the most comprehensive service by offering support in areas of Inspection, Spare Parts, Maintenance, Equipment Overhauls & Assembly for Industrial & Marine Gas Turbines under license from reputed manufacturers.

IMGT activities which were earlier part of HAL Engine Division became an independent entity from 1st April 1998 to manufacture and support on Industrial & Marine Gas Turbine under license from reputable manufacturers as given below:

Current Collaborators and Services Offered
ITC, UK (a Siemens Energy Company)
Repair and overhaul & on-site support of Industrial Avon / SGT A20 Engines.

Siemens Inc, USA
Repair & Overhaul and Onsite Support of Allison 501K / SGT A05 engines.

Assembly, Test, Repair & Overhaul of LM2500 Industrial and Marine Gas Turbines
Testing Facilities
IMGT Division has test beds for carrying out extensive testing of engines for certification and investigation purpose.
Industrial 501K engines can be tested up to 8000 HP on full load. 
Division is having cat-II certified Industrial Avon testbed.
LM2500 performance test facility with slave test nozzle and PT spin test facility for LM2500 is available.

Each engine in its own test bed is tested for engine performance parameters prior to dispatch.
Audit Approval
Division is an Authorized MROC (Maintenance and Overhaul centre) for Industrial 501 k series engines and Indl Avon Engines.
Strength and Effective Quality Control
The Quality control department is equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets, machines and equipments to maintain highest quality standards during all stages of manufacture and overhaul of Gas turbines.
Environmental Policy
We at IMGT division, are committed to prevent pollution by minimising the effect of pollutants from our activities during manufacture,  repair, service and  overhaul of industrial and marine gas turbine engines and continual improvement of the environmental management system by:
  • Complying with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and with other requirements
  •  Conservation of energy, water and other natural resources
  •  Promoting awareness to all employees on environment and minimising waste
  •  The environmental objectives set in are measurable & will be reviewed once in a year with the   targets achieved.
Sub contracting of activities like Cleaning, Coating, Tooling and Repair of Engine Components are being envisaged
  • The  Division has been accredited with ISO 9001:2015  and ISO 14001:2015  Certificates.
  • Siemens Authorized   MROC for repair / overhaul of Industrial Avon and Industrial 501K  engines.
  • Approved by GE USA for AIT and ROH of LM2500 Engines.
Industrial AVON MK 1535 / A200 EngineIt is one of the  most experienced Aero derivative engine and has achieved the reputation of being a reliable engine capable of operating for extensive periods. The engine is in service in India and other parts of the globe. ONGC has 34 engines operating at Mumbai Offshore.

This engine, since its introduction in 1964, has 43 million hours of operation to its credit with nearly 1200 Industrial Avon units representing over 200 million HP world -wide.

Many units have achieved 1,00,000 hrs of operation, with leading engines exceeding 1,92,000 hrs. The Industrial Avon Engine is of a simple design with a highly developed combustion system.
Engine Specification
Industrial AVON MK 1535 /A200 Engine Specification 

Facilities available for Industrial Avon Engine :

  • Established base with full-fledged facilities for the Repair and Overhaul of    Engines.
  • Exclusive and proven Test Bed for Engine Performance validation.
  • Trained Technical Manpower for Onsite Repair / Troubleshooting / Inspection and Maintenance
Industrial 501K Engine Models KB5 and KC5The 501 K Engine is derived from the T 56 Turboprop Engine. The 501 K Engine is available in both single-shaft / cold end drive and two-shaft / hot end drive configurations. Both use a common high efficiency compressor design. The Engine with the output at the cold end is being used as prime-mover in electric generator sets. The Engine with output at the hot end is being used primarily as a power source for pumps, Compressors and other Mechanical drive requirements.

The 501 K engines operate on gasoline, kerosene, diesel and natural gas.

"On-condition maintenance" of these engines is easier as all the critical parts within the engine are available for visual inspection utilizing a Borescope.
Engine Specification
Industrial 501K Engine Models KB5 and KC5 Engine Specification 

Facilities available for Allison engine :

  • Trained Technical manpower for Onsite Repair / Troubleshooting /    Inspection and Maintenance
  • Established Overhaul base with full-fledged facilities for Repair and Overhaul
  • Exclusive and proven Test bed for 501K series of Engines
LM 2500 ENGINELight weight and compact with high thermal efficiency. Used for naval vessels and commercial ships as well as industrial applications. The LM 2500 which has been derived from the TF 39 Military and CF 6 commercial aircraft engine family is a compact, high performance turbine for marine propulsion systems and industrial power plants. In order to provide maximum reliability, increased life of parts and outstanding performance it incorporates the latest development in design technology and corrosion resistant material for engine components.

The LM 2500 Gas Turbine has been selected by 24 naval establishments of the free world and powers a broad spectrum of ships ranging from 230 tons to 55,000 tons displacements. This gas turbine has also other applications such as power generation, compressor application. ONGC Mumbai has 5 of these units operating in its off-shore platforms
Engine Specification
LM 2500 Engine Specification 
Facilities available for LM 2500 Engine:
  • Trained Technical Manpower
  • Established Assembly and Overhaul facilities
  • Exclusive and proven Test Bed for the performance validation of engines
Industrial 501K Series(SGT A05) / Industrial Avon Engines(SGT A20)
Industrial 501K
  • Repair and Overhaul
  • Support for Installation and Commissioning
  • Inspection and Maintenance (Scheduled and Emergency )
  • On-site Repair / Troubleshooting
  • Customized Maintenance Service Contracts
  • Spares Support
LM2500 Engines
Industrial AVON
  • Build and Testing of Engines 
  • Support for Installation and Commissioning
  • Repair and Overhaul
  • Spare Parts Support
  • Onsite Repair/ Troubleshooting
  • Centralized Maintenance Services Contracts
LM 2500 Engine       
The IMGT Division undertakes the Overhaul and Repair of Industrial Avon Engines and  Industrial 501K Engines. Each engine has its own bulk strip and sub-assembly strip sections. After strip examination, life markings are made on the lifted components.

Overhaul and Repair of fuel and electrical accessories are also carried out in the neighboring Engine Division including rig testing prior to build.

Bearing Hospital of the Engine Division is being utilized to carry out inspection, servicing and preservation of the bearings required for the Industrial Gas Turbines.

Cleaning techniques followed in the Division include Para-wash, Pressure-wash, Degreasing, Ardrox 185 and 690 cleaning. The Division has its own abrasive blast booth, paint spray booth with rotary table attachment. Continuous investments in tooling, inventory, testing and training ensure that IMGT Division will keep pace with the strides made in the latest technology.

Non-destructive testing facilities available in the Engine Division which include Etch, binocular, Endoscope, Fluorescent penetrant, Magnetic particle, Ultrasonic, Radiography and Eddy current inspections are being utilized for ensuring the quality of Industrial Gas Turbines.

Each Engine type has its own view room wherein visual and dimensional checks are carried out as per the overhaul manual standards.

State-of-the-art facility provides the controlled environment, programmed workflow and parts and service equipment for extensive repairs by technicians specific are designed for:
  • Parts Inventory
  • Repair / Overhaul
  • Quality control
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Administration / Warranty
  • Tooling
General Manager
Industrial & Marine Gas Turbine Division

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
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