Our Logo
Our Logo

Birth pains of every new, creative and successful idea are largely the result of shattering a former rule or breaking with tradition.

Arthur Schopenhaufer once remarked that change alone is eternal, perpetual, and immortal. Today change is only thing that is constant in the world. It is said that the art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. Quoting Abraham Lincoln, the dogmas of the quite past are inadequate to the stormy present.

After being with us for almost 12 years (Since establishment of Vigilance as separate department) the time has come to say Dasvidaniya to our good old Logo as we have adopted new Logo in order to make it more in sync with our objectives.

The new logo consists of three eyes. The left eye denotes a view thesis while the right eye speaks of different or contrary view ie the anti thesis. The resultant eye, (the inner eye or third eye) is the eye of vigilance.

The third eye, as per our mythology, symbolises a state of enlightment juxtaposed with vision and precognition. Traditionally it is gynanckakshu, the eye of knowledge enabling the functionary to have both microscopic and telescopic vision.

The motto ‘Satyameve Jayate’ owes its origin from mantra 3.1.6 from the Mundaka Upanishad signifying that it is truth alone that triumphs.

Blue colour, needless to mention, signifies calmness, objectivity as well as relates with aviation, which is the core area of the company we belong to. The tricolour enshrined within the logo connotes the pan Indian characteristic of our job profile.

The ethos of new logo is completely in alignment with vigilance stickler i.e. alertness and watchfulness as well as envisaging inquisitiveness towards learning.

We do believe that our new logo will act like the silver lining on the vigilance horizon and will, continue to shine brightly, keeping our hopes for bright future alive.