Hawk- Advanced Jet Trainer
The Hawk is a tandem-seat Aircraft for ground attack, flying training and weapon training. It has a low wing and an all-metal structure and is powered by an Adour Mk 871 turbofan engine. The Aircraft has an integrated navigation /attack system and radio and inertial navigation systems. The Aircraft is cleared for instrument (IFR) flying and for Solo Instrument flying from the front cockpit only.
Basic Data
Dimensions Wing Data Weight Fuel Capacity Power Plant
Length: 12.43 m Area (Gross): 16.70 m2 Maximum Takeoff: 9100 kg Internal : 360 Imp Galls Rolls Royce Adour MK 871 Turbofan
Wing Span: 9.940 m
Height: 3.98 m
Sweep (at quarter chord): 21º 31’ 55” Basic Mass (Empty): 4,440 Kg Ext. Drop Tanks: 2 x 130 Imp Galls Static Thrust  at sea level: 1 x 25.5 kN (5730 lbf)  at  sea level ISA
Flying Characteristics
  • The aircraft has excellent flying characteristics with good stability and response to controls about all three axes
  • The aircraft is cleared for a wide range of aerobatic manoeuvres and exhibits very good resistance to departure even outside the normal flight envelope
  • At incidences up to the stall, the aircraft is stable about all axes for all flap configurations
  • Recovery from any stall is immediate on moving the control column forward
  • The Hawk Mk.132 wing has a moderate amount of fixed droop to the leading edge to aid sustained turn performance in the speed range 0.4 to 0.7 M
  • The aircraft is spin-resistant, but is cleared for deliberate upright spinning in the basic aircraft configuration with or without the gunpod
  • The aircraft is currently cleared for take-off and landing with a crosswind component of 30 knots (55 km/hr)
  • For solo flying the front cockpit is used
  • The aircraft has an inverted flight (negative g) capability of 30 secs
  • The aircraft may be flown at night, either dual or solo, without any additional flight limitations
Maximum Level Speed Service Radius of action with max. pay load
At Sea Level: 0.84  Mach Ceiling: 13533 m (13.53 km) Lo-Lo-Lo: 267 km (267000 m)
At 30000 ft: 0.85 Mach Take-off run: 664 m
Landing run: 799 m
Hi-Hi-Hi: 754 km (754000 m)
International Co-Operation
The Division has made a breakthrough on Exports by bagging the biggest ever export contract from Airbus Industries France, for the supply of Forward Passenger Doors for A320/A321.

The Division’s performance in the supply of export packages has been credited with “No rejection “and “No Delay “at most competitive prices.
Aircraft Division, HAL is an Established Exporter To
  • Boeing 777 Uplock Box
  • F/A 18 Gun Bay Door
  • F/A 18 Wire Harness
  • P-8I Weapon Bay Door
  • A320 Forward Passenger Doors
  • Boeing 737-300 Cargo Conversion Door & Kits
  • G-150 Rear Fuselage