Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH- DHRUV)

The indigenously designed and developed Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH-DHRUV) is a twin engine, multi-role, multi-mission new generation helicopter in the 5.5 ton weight class. The basic Helicopter is produced in skid version and wheeled version. Dhruv is “type –Certified” for Military operations by the Centre for Military Airworthiness Certification (CEMILAC) and civil operations by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Certification of the utility military variant was completed in 2002 and that of the civil variant was completed in 2004. The deliveries of production series helicopters commenced from 2001-02 onwards. A total of 336 Helicopters have been produced by October 2022.
The major variants of ALH are classified as
  • Mk-I Conventional cockpit
  • MK-II & Mk-III Glass cockpit
  • MK-III Maritime Role (Navy/ Coast Guard)
  • MK-IV armed version
Technical Parameters
Length 15.9 m 15.9 m
Width 13.2 m 13.2 m
Height 4.98 m 4.98 m
Max Take Off Weight 5500 kg 5800 kg
Never Exceed Speed (VNE) 292 Km/h 245 Km/h
Range 630 km 590 km
Endurance 3.65hr 3.8 hr
PAX 12 + 2  

Power Plant 

  • TM 333 – 2B2 (For Dhruv Mk-I and Mk-II) & ARDIDEN 1H1 (Shakti) (for Dhruv Mk III & Mk IV).
  TM 333 - 2B2 SHAKTI
- Dry wt. 167.5 kg 205 kg
- Max. Power 801 kW 1032 kW
- Specific Fuel Consumption 0.323 kg/kw hr 0.300 kg/kw hr
Shakti Engine (For ALH Mk-III & Mk-IV)
  • 12 % Higher power than TM 333 2B2 engine
  • Dual centrifugal compressor assembly
  • Single crystal blades
  • Dual channel FADEC
Major Roles of ALH - Dhruv
Features of Dhruv
  • Capable of operating in all-weather conditions with high degree of reliability & survivability.
  • Powered with twin Shakti engines for exceptional high altitude performance.
  • Equipped with glass cockpit and advanced avionics for enhanced mission effectiveness including night flying capability.
  • Dhruv is incorporated with state of art technologies such as Hinge less Interchangeable Main Rotor Blades, Bearing less Tail Rotor Blades, Anti resonance vibration isolation system and redundancies built in for critical systems.
  • Dhruv is an ideal platform for operating at various altitudes from sea level to high altitudes of Himalayas as well as in Desert and saline atmospheric conditions at extreme temperature ranges.
  • Dhruv has been evolved from basic utility version to weaponised platform called Rudra in the 5.8 ton class with fitment of Mission and Weapon systems.
  • It is incorporated with mission systems such as Helmet Pointing System (HPS), Electro Optic Pod and Self –Protection system involving Electronic Warfare Suite.
  • Weapon fitted on Rudra comprise of 20 mm Turret Gun, 70 mm Rocket, Air to Air Missile and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles
  • It is incorporated with others systems such as  VOR/ILS/DME, IR Suppressor, Digital Moving Map On Board Inert Gas Generation System etc.,
ALH Mk III (Maritime Reconnaissance) - ALH Mk III (MR)
A dedicated variant of ALH for Maritime Reconnaissance and Coastal Security Operations. The state of the art Helicopters with advanced sensors will enable Indian Coast Guard (ICG) to take up challenging tasks. This is for the first time Performance Based Logistics (PBL) is being introduced in Indian Aviation sector which is a modern management practice and will increase operational and maintenance efficiency. These helicopters will usher a paradigm shift in the capability in ship borne operations and enhance coastal surveillance. These helicopters have following features:
  • Proven Capability for day & night operations
  • Integrated with advanced glass cockpit, advanced vibration control, navigation and communication systems
  • Effective after sales support being offered to ensure healthy serviceability of the helicopter.
  • Equipped with Emergency Floatation Gear, Harpoon system, Sonar Locator Beacon, Rescue  Hoist (Electric), Auxiliary Fuel Tanks (Cabin Mounted), Search Light, Crew & Passenger Life Rafts, Surveillance cum weather Radar, Electro-Optical Pod, 12.7 mm cabin mounted gun, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Automatically Deployable Emergency Locator Transmitter, Automatic Identification System, SAR Homer, Traffic Collision Avoidance System, Loud Hailer, Rescue Basket, High Intensity Search Light etc. as per customer’s operational requirement.

Orders for Dhruv

More than 300 Dhruvs are operating with Indian Defence Forces.
More orders for Dhruv expected from Defence, Civil & Export markets.
Dhruv is being operated by Nepal Army, Mauritius Police & Maldives.
Dhruv is also being operated by Civil customers such as Government of Jharkhand and Para-Military force (BSF).
ALH Sarang
ALH Sarang
Sarang – the ALH (Dhruv) display team of Indian Air force formed in October 2003 with the aim of showcasing the excellent agility, controllability & maneurability of ALH. The word Sarang means peacock in Sanskrit and the team epitomizes beauty and grace of peacock - the hallmark of its display.

The Sarang team has displayed its capability at prestigious Air Shows at Aero India, Paris, Farnborough, Berlin, Singapore, Al-Ain etc.  The team has also performed during various prestigious events such as Air Force Day, National Defence Academy Passing Out Parade and other events of national and international significance.
The team displayed its skill and versatility with single cross, dolphin leap, double cross etc. and weaved beautiful array in the sky. The team continuously strives to upgrade and perform new profiles for each display.