Adour MK 871
Jaguar Aircraft is powered by two Adour MK 804 / MK 811 Engines. MK 811 Engines are manufactured from 1981 under licence from RR/TM [ Rolls Royce Turbomeca ].

Adour MK 804 Engines are also overhauled and repaired under the above licence.

Adour Engine is a bypass Jet Engine of modular construction. The Adour has two-stage low pressure and five-stage high pressure axial flow Compressors which are driven by separate, single stage high pressure and low pressure Turbines connected through co-axial shafts, with low pressure shaft passing through high pressure shaft.
Main Characteristics
  • Intake Diameter (m): 0.564
  • Length (m): 2.90
  • Weight (kg): 794
  • Thrust: 2500 (dry), 3737 (wet)
  • Specific Fuel Consumption(kg / kg-hr): 0.80