Garrett TPE 331-5
The Garrett TPE 331-5 Turbo prop Engine is being manufactured, overhauled and repaired for various Customers under licence from Garrett Engine Division of Honey Well Company [earlier Allied Signal Aerospace Company, USA] since 1988 and belongs to one of the most popular series of small Turbo prop Engines powering a large number of Commuter and Corporate Aircraft such as Dornier DO-228.

It has a single shaft Centrifugal Compressor Engine rated at 715 shaft horse power at 1591 RPM output speed. Being a reverse flow Gas Turbine with a small frontal area, it has better dry specifics and easier airframe integration. Apart from its simplicity of design and superior performance, the engine features a propeller control system, anti-icing and foreign object damage resistance, reverse thrust and negative torque sensing facilities. The division is also an authorised service centre for Garrett TPE 331-5 series engines up to - 12.
Main Characteristics
  • Maximum Diameter (m): 0.7
  • Length (m): 1.11
  • Weight (kg): 164
  • Power: 715
  • Specific Fuel Consumption(kg / shp-hr): 0.268