LUH is designed and developed as a replacement for Cheetah & Chetak helicopters which are being operated by Indian Armed forces.

LUH is a new generation helicopter in the 3-Ton class incorporating the state of the art technology features like Glass cockpit with Multi-Function Displays (MFD) and powered by single Turbo Shaft engine with sufficient power margin to cater to demanding high altitude missions. LUH will meet the emerging needs in this class of helicopters in the coming decades.

The helicopter will be capable of flying at 220 Kmph; service ceiling of 6.5 Km and a range of 350 Km with 500 kg payload. 
Crew 2 (Pilot and Co-Pilot)
Max.Takeoff weight 7718 lb (3150 kg)
Engine Type(Single) Single Engine (ARDIDEN-1U)
Max. speed @ S.L. 127  knots (146 mph, 235kmph)
Ferry range with Internal Fuel Tanks 310  mi (500 km)
Service ceiling 21325ft (6500 m) 6.5 km
Auto Pilot System Emergency Floatation System
Rescue Hoist Stretchers & Passenger Seats
Cargo sling Helmet Mounted Display System