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The Rotary Wing R&D Centre at Bengaluru was established in 1970 as Helicopter Design Bureau and later in 1998 it was renamed as “RWR&DC”. It was formed with the objective of researching, innovating and creating designs for helicopters. 
RWR&DC Design buildings and prototype hangar

The Rotary Wing Research & Design Centre (RWR&DC) with modern facilities and state-of-the-art technologies, spearheads HAL’s thrust towards excellence in the field of helicopter design.

Expertise in the design and development of Rotary Wing aircraft has been built up over the last three decades by progressive induction of qualified designers, optimal design, prototype development, ground testing and flight testing. The design Centre is engaged in design, development, prototype manufacturing, ground & flight testing and Certification of Civil and Military helicopters. The objective of the Centre is to research, innovate and create designs for rotary wing aircraft to meet indigenous and global requirements.

The Centre holds recognition and approval from CEMILAC and DGCA for research, design and manufacture of Military and Civil helicopters. Rotary Wing R&D Centre is AS 9100D and ISO 14001:2015 certified organization. 

 The Centre has designed & developed indigenous helicopters, such as, the Advanced Light Helicopter (Dhruv & Rudra), Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) and Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) for military customers. The ALH Dhruv is certified for Civil applications also. 
Indigenous Helicopters
The helicopters designed and developed by RWR&DC are as follows: 
ALH Dhruv
ALH DhruvThe Advanced Light Helicopter (“ALH”) Dhruv is a twin engined, new generation multi-role, multi-mission, all weather helicopter in the 5.5 tonne weight category. It is designed to meet the requirements of both military and civil operators and can carry out transport, search and rescue operations, and disaster relief operations. 
Following are the variants of Dhruv:
  • Mk I: Initial configuration with conventional cockpit, electro mechanical gauges and turbo-shaft engines. 
  • Mk II: The conventional cockpit replaced with a glass cockpit consisting of 4 Multi-Function Displays. 
  • Mk III: An improved version equipped with a glass cockpit and higher powered engines, along with mission systems such as Electro Optic Pod, Helmet Pointing System, Electronic Warfare Suite, IR suppressor & Engine Air Particle Separator. 
  • Mk IV: Weaponised platform designed for armed roles, called the "Rudra". 
ALH Mk IV Rudra
ALH Mk IV RudraThe ALH Mk IV Rudra is a weaponised version and is equipped with an integrated architecture display system with multi-function displays, four rocket pods or two air-to-air missile launchers as well as nose-mounted turret gun. Rudra is certified in the year 2013. 
Light Combat Helicopter (LCH)
Light Combat Helicopter (LCH)The Light Combat Helicopter ("LCH") is designed to meet the Indian Air Force’s and Indian Army's requirement of a dedicated light helicopter for combat operations. The LCH has a narrow fuselage, with the pilot and co-pilot/gunner set up in tandem configuration and incorporates a number of stealth features, armour protection, night attack capability and crashworthy landing gear for better survivability. The helicopter has the capability to carry weapons such as Turret Gun, Rocket, Air-to-Air Missile, Air-to-Ground Missile, Bombs etc.. LCH is certified and Operational Clearance accorded in August 2017.
Light Utility Helicopter (LUH)
Light Utility Helicopter (LUH)The LUH is a single engine, 3-tonne helicopter with design features to serve as a reconnaissance helicopter with high end technology and to meet the specific high altitude requirements of Indian Armed Forces.
CheetalThe Cheetal helicopter is the re-engined version of Cheetah helicopter which is upgraded and fitted with a fuel efficient engine, TM 333-2M2 for enhanced performance at high altitude. It has been certified in 2009. 
Future Projects:
Indian Multi Role Helicopter (IMRH)Indian Multi Role Helicopter (IMRH)

The preliminary design of 10 Ton IMRH has been taken up to meet the requirement of the Indian Defence Services. The helicopter will be powered by twin engines and will feature blade folding option for ship deck operations. The intended roles of IMRH are to support air assault, air transport, combat logistics, combat search & rescue and casualty evacuation operations.