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Brief History

Brief History
In October 2000, Intergovernmental agreement between Government of Russia and Government of India was  signed for License manufacturing of Su-30MKI Aircraft, its engines and aggregates.

In year 2002, foundation of Sukhoi Engine Division was laid by then Defence Minister ShriGeorge Fernandes.

In year 2004, Sukhoi Engine Division- Koraput commenced manufacturing of AL-31FP Engines under Licence from Russia for fitment in Su-30MKI Aircraft.

Since establishment, the Division has manufactured more than 517 engines and overhauled more than 670 Aero Engines with an aim to ensure maximum aircrafts flying. 


  1. Quality Management System (AS 9100D)
  2. Environment Management System (ISO 14001)
  3. Energy Management System (ISO 50001)
Sukhoi Engine Division - Koraput has the following high tech facilities:
  •  5 Axis CNC Blade Milling Machine
  •  CNC Universal Grinding Machine
  •  CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine
  •  Dynamic Balancing
  •  External Broaching
  •  Creep-feed Grinding
  •  Vibro Drilling
  •  Cold rolling process of aerofoil profile compressor blades
  •  Spline Shaping
  •  Vertical Broaching
  •  Alphatising facility
  •  Impulse Anodising
  •  Electric Vacuum Furnace
  •  Ion Nitriding facility
  •  Detonation Coating
  •  Hard Alloy Vacuum Coating (Map Coating)
  •  Robotic Plasma Coating machine
  •  Electron Beam Welding
  •  Pneumo Thermo Forming
  •  Electro Discharge Machining (EDM)

Electroplating Facility: Chrome-plating, Zinc plating, Cadmium plating, Copper plating, Silver plating, Oxide phosphate plating, Chemical nickel plating.

Man Chamber TIG Welding System: This is one of its kind in country. In this process, welding of titanium alloy components is carried out inside an Argon chamber. The welder enters inside the Argon chamber with space-suit-like apparel and life support system and carries out the welding. The process is used for welding of titanium alloys like Diffuser, Outer Contour, Intermediate Casing, Mixer Casing etc.
Category of Aero Engine Parts Outsourced are:

Sheet Metal Parts
Types: Branch pipes, Brackets, Damper, Plain Washers, Filter mesh, Filter disc, Screen, Deflector, Lock Washers, Turbine Locks, Sealing Rings, Braids, Gasket, Shield, Liner, Circlip.

Operations: Wire cut EDM, Routing, Bending, Forming, Blanking, Piercing, Drilling etc.
Machined Parts
Types: Turbine & Compressor Blades, Hollow guide vanes, Brazed guide vanes, Bi-hexagonal bolts, Sphere, Graphite seals, Bush, Ring, Bolts, Brackets, Discs, Shafts, Tie Rod, Flange, Swirler, Deflector, Valve, Piston, Cylinders, Elbow, Axle, Ring Holders.

Operations: Conventional Machining, CNC Machining, EDM, Blades Machining, Blade Polishing, Creep geed grinding, Internal, External, face & groove, Grinding, Gear profile Grinding, Thread Rolling, Graphite machining, Machining after Nitriding / Ion- Nitriding, Gear Shapping, Hobbing, Spline Milling Worm, Worm Wheel.
Non Metallic Component
  • PTFE Rings, Bush, Shaft, Gasket
Aero Engine Sub Assembly
  •  Pump Casing
  •  Intermediate casing
  •  Turbine Support
  •  Flame tube casing
  •  Welded assemblies
  1. Best Performing Division Award 2015-16 for the category Improvement in Value addition per Employee over previous year
  2. National Safety Award – 2011 from Ministry of Labour.
  3. Excellence in Suggestion Scheme Context – 2013 dtd.12-02-2014
  4. Rajbhasa Karyayanwayan Puruskar – 1st, Corporate Office, Bangalore - 2016
  5. Rashtrya Bhasa Gaurav Award – 2016, Rashtrya Bhasha swabhiwan Nyas, New Delhi.
  6. Karalay Deep Puruskar – 2016, Raj Bhasa Sansthan , New Delhi.
  7. Best performing Division- Category Outsourcing to sales ratio – 2012-13

AL-31FP Aero engine
It is a twin spool, axial flow, low bypass turbo fan engine incorporating After Burner system, variable area Jet Nozzle with thrust vectoring, air-to-air heat exchanger, anti-surge system. The Jet Nozzle pitches ±14° up and down to improve the maneuverability. It powers the SU-30MKI multirole fighter aircraft.

Salient features:
13- stage compressor
Annular combustor
Thrust=12500 kgf

AL-31FP Aero engine
Aircraft Accessory GearBox (BKA)
It is accessory gear box mounted on Su-30MKI Aircraft which derives power from AL-31FP engines and operates various pumps and subsystems of aircraft.

Supply of Spares and other major units
The Division manufactures and supplies the entire range of spares required for first and second-line servicing of engines at the IAF bases and base repair depots.

Sukhoi Engine Division is especially established to provide all necessary support for AL-31FP aero-engine to ensure flying of Su-30MKI aircraft.

We provide following services to our esteemed customer:
  •  Manufacturing and Overhaul of AL-31FP Engine for SU-30MKI Aircraft
  •  Manufacturing and Overhaul of Aircraft Accessory GearBox (BKA)
  •  Overhaul of Fuel and Electrical Aggregates.
  •  Design & Development of Tooling, Ground Handling & Supporting Equipment
  •  Customer support & Training
  •  Defect Investigation/Failure Analysis
  •  Site Repair
General Manager (Koraput)
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Engine Division - koraput
P.O. sunabeda - 763 002,
District Koraput (Orissa) 
Telephone: +91 06853 - 220200
Fax:           +91 6853 - 220004 / 220201

General Manager(SED)
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Sukhoi Engine Division -Koraput
P.O. Sunabeda - 763 002,
District Koraput (Orissa) 
Telephone: +91 06853 - 221200
Fax:           +91 6853 - 222292