TAD-Kanpur Division
Upgradation of Aircraft and Role Equipment Integration
It includes:
  • Mid-life upgrade of Do-228
  • Mid-life upgrade of HS-748 Nav & Comm system
  • Integration of customer specific avionics on HS-748, Do-228 and AN-32 aircraft
  • Integration of Maritime Surveillance Radar on Do-228 aircraft
  • Integration of Search Light Pod, Gun Pod and IR/UV Scanner, other role specific equipment on Do-228 aircraft
  • Modification on Do-228 Aircraft for high altitude operation & Para dropping / Para jumping

Aircraft Overhaul, Repair and Modification
Aircraft Overhaul, Repair and ModificationExtensive facilities and expertise available are being currently utilized for the overhaul, repair, maintenance and modification of
  • HS-748 medium capacity aircraft
  • Do-228 light transport aircraft
  • Hindustan-228 aircraft
  • Servicing of AN-32
  • Depot level maintenance of Un-manned Aerial Vehicles
Aircraft Painting
Exclusive Paint hangar with dust-free and controlled environment can accommodate aircraft up to 50 seater capacity. Expertise is available for various types of aircraft painting systems like Poly-urethane, Epoxy, Cellulose, etc. Full range of facilities for testing of paint, paint thickness. 
Rotables Overhaul and Repair
Division has extensive facilities for multiple of Rotables of different aircraft including HS-
748, Do-228 and other medium category aircraft. It has rich experience of overhauling rotables with competent and qualified workforce to meet the exacting requirement of the Aviation industry. Shops are built to clean room specifications and equipped with the complete range of Test Equipment. Range of rotables which can be overhauled and repaired include the following:
  • Mechanical items like propellers, landing gears, actuators, wheel-brake assembly, hydraulics, fuel and de-icing systems and accessories
  • Instrument items like flight instruments, fuel quantity and fuel flow system, pressurization system instruments, Autopilot and all types of pressure switches and gauges
  • Electrical items like alternators, invertors, motors, regulators, control and protection units, booster pumps, actuators, fans, batteries and voltage regulators
  • Avionic items pertaining to communication, navigation, and intercom systems, weather radar and antenna
  • Training
  • Conversion training on maintenance and operations of our products