Accessories Division Lucknow
Products in current Manufacturing Range are:
  • Hydraulic System and Power Control
Hydraulic Pumps, Accumulators, Actuators, Electro-selectors, Bootstrap Reservoirs and  various types of valves 
  • Environmental Control System
Cold Air Unit,  Water Extractors, Non Return Valves and Venturies 
  • Engine Fuel Control System
Fuel After Burner Regulator and Distributor, Main Fuel Distributor,  Regulator and After Burner Pump, Plunger Pumps, Fuel Metering Devices 
  • Instruments
Electrical Indicators, Fuel quantity and flow metering instruments, Sensors and Switches, Barometric Instruments, Gyroscopic Instruments, Electromechanical instruments
  • Electrical Power Generation and Control System
AC/DC Generator, Control and Protection Units, AC and DC Master Box, Inverters, Transformer Rectifier Unit, Actuators 
  • Undercarriage, Wheels and Brakes  
Main and Nose Undercarriage, Main and Nose Wheel, Brake System LRUs 
  • Test Rigs
Dedicated Test Rigs, custom-built Fuel/Hydraulic Test Rigs and Electrical Test Rigs