Avionics Division Korwa
AD Korwa Division is engaged in the manufacturing & repairing of various Avionics Systems for fitment on different Western, Indigenous & Russian origin aircraft platforms. 

The origin wise various avionics systems are as follows: 
Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • The inertial navigation and attack system uses an inertial platform with a compactly packed fast computer for generating in-flight navigation and   weapon aiming parameters.
Weapon Control System (HUDWAC)
  • Preparation of aircraft armament to combat applications which provided guided tracking of weapons until hitting the target Microprocessor based head-up Display & Sighting System
Combined Map and Electronic Display (COMED)
  • The Head down display is a cockpit mounted navigational aid with multifunction facilities. It displays the ground map as stored in a filmstrip superimposed with symbols generated in a CRT.
Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  • The Flight Data Recorder is installed in the aircraft to monitor, process and record signals from avionics systems and sensors for subsequent analysis on the ground
Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker (LRMTS)
  • It is mounted in the nose of the aircraft to provide accurate range of enemy targets for weapon delivery commutation, and forms an integral part of the attack system
Auto-stabliser System (AUTOSTAB)
  • The auto stabiliser improves the handling characteristics of the basic aircraft by providing damping inputs to the control surfaces for additional stability about the aircraft pitch, roll and yaw axis. 
Multi-Functional Display (MFD) 
  • A small LCD screen used to display information to the pilot in numerous configurable ways. It is available in different size & nature 
Digital Map Generator (DMG)
  • Digital Map Generator is being used for generation of Digital Map to be displayed on MFD. It superimposes symbology over digitized map.
Head Up Display System (HUD)
  • An electro optical device that projects flight information on a combiner glass for the pilot’s head-up viewing.
Inertial Navigation and Global Positioning System (INGPS): 
  • An inertial system with an embedded GPS receiver that provides aircraft peripheral equipment with all necessary inertial inputs.
Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) 
  • Used to record flight parameters and voice for post incident/accident analysis to investigate and establish cause.
Integrated Navigation and sighting Complex (44 LK System)
  • Inertial Navigation and Attack System of MiG-27M Aircraft, accomplishes both Navigational and attack functions
Flight Data Recorder (UZL TESTER)
  • The Flight Data Recorder is installed in the aircraft to monitor, process and record signals from avionics systems and sensors for subsequent analysis on the ground
Opto-Electric Sighting and Navigation Complex (OEPrNK-30MK-03)
  • Functional integration of on-board radio electronic equipment for weapon use and aircraft control in all flight and navigation modes.
Complex Signaling System (KISS-2-10M-1)
  • This system is designated for inspection of equipment and systems of aircraft in flight and during carrying out random technical maintenance and scheduled work on systems of aircraft on ground. 
Alarm Warning and Advisory Signaling System (SAS-6-11M)
  • Meant for warning the Pilot with the help of light and sound signal about failure, unserviceability and operational mode of the system unit.
Automatic Air Intake Regulating System (ARV-40A)
  • Meant for controlling the position of panel for the air of two separate air intake tubes of aircraft to ensure optimum characteristics of their joint operation with engines.
Icing Signaling Device (SO-121VM)
  • Meant for giving electrical commands about presence of icing conditions to signaling panel and into automatic control system in case of appearance of icing of aircraft. 
Multi-Mission Optronics Stabilised Platform (MOSP)
  • It is an electro-optical payload which provides video images (during day or day night) of the targets with the capability of acquiring and tracking targets under varying weather and visibility conditions
Vertical Gyro Unit (VGU)
  • Comprises of Artificial horizon sensor which determines the UAV pitch and Roll angles about the lateral and longitudinal axes respectively
Air Data Unit (ADU) 
  • Comprises a Dual Function Sensor for measurement of Altitude & Air Speed data
Rate Gyro Unit (RGU) 
  • It is a miniature solid state device (sensor) based on a piezo electric vibratory gyroscope which uses low power oscillating quartz tuning fork sensors to sense angular velocity