Helicopter MRO Division Bangalore
Our Services:
  • Full fledge servicing capability of helicopters: The division has established full facility for undertaking maintenance and servicing of medium light helicopters. With the existing infrastructure the division has been successfully taking up scheduled and unscheduled servicing of ALH-DHRUV MK I / II / III & IV.
  • Defect investigation capability: The division is fully capable of undertaking Defect Investigation of helicopter systems and rotables give recommendations and dispositions.
  • Transmission repair and Overhaul capability: The division has established facility and infrastructure for undertaking scheduled/unscheduled servicing, repair, overhaul of Transmission rotables and its systems. The facility has full capability with respect to disassembly, assembly and reclamation activities & processes of the transmission rotables.
  • IT infrastructure:  The division has a dedicated capability with respect to IT related activities and has a core team to implement IT needs. It can provide a robust ERP package and support its users & has resources to customize to the user needs and requirements.
  • GHE/GSE support: The division has a dedicated team capable of handling Ground Handling Equipments/Ground Support Equipment needs and is capable of providing repair and maintenance support to the equipments. The Team is also capable of providing calibration support to the equipments.
  • Supply chain management: The division has a robust Supply Chain Management practices backed by a dedicated planning, purchase and finance team. The division has integrated stores and a dedicated receiving and shipping capability in order to have an effective supply chain management system.
  • AOG and RMSO management: The division through its dedicated customer Services department has full capability to provide an efficient RMSO and AOG support to its customers.
  • Product support/Customer Services: The division has a dedicated Customer Support team that has the capability to handle all the issues and needs of the customer. They have been effectively dealing with various customers both national and international.
  • Testing and Ground Test: The division has capability of testing various transmission rotables of helicopter programs that includes Seaking, and ALH.The Test rigs available in the division are capable of being adapted to cater to the needs of various other systems and rotables.
  • On-Site management: The division has capability of providing on-site maintenance support to helicopters at the various customer operating bases. The division has been successfully executing in-situ servicing of ALH at customer operated bases.
  • Rotable management: The division backed by its dedicated repair shops and facilities has the capability of providing excellent rotable management support to various customers.
  • Reclamation and Recycling of systems and component: The division has state of art facilities and repair centres to undertake reclamation and recycling of components. The division has full capabilities to undertake repair schemes and providing finishing operations to the various components and turning it serviceable. This includes a dedicated SOAP test facility.
  • Bay Servicing & Customer Training: The division has a full fledged capability of training customer to the needs of helicopter maintenance. The division is also capable of commissioning and installing Bay Servicing Equipments at any Customer operated base.
  • Reliability Analysis: The division backed by its dedicated Quality engineering department has full capability of undertaking reliability analysis of the helicopter systems and rotables. The department has capability of analysing the available information and extracts relevant results and output from it. This can lead to improved serviceability and availability of the helicopters to the customers.