Aircraft Overhaul Division Nasik
The Division has full-fledged infrastructure, facilities and systems for ensuring optimum level of Customer satisfaction for the products and services rendered. The major areas include:

Overhaul / Repair of Rotables
The Division takes up the overhaul/repair of the entire range of Electrical, Instrument, Mechanical and Armament Rotables.

Supply of Spares and other major units
The Division manufactures and supplies the entire range of spares required for first and second-line servicing of aircraft at the IAF bases. Canopies, Flexible Rubber Fuel Tanks, Main and Nose Undercarriages, Ejection seats and Ground Support / Ground Handling Equipment are a few of the items supplied.

Site Repair
The Division undertakes site repair of Aircraft at the IAF bases by deputing site repair teams and experts.

Defect Investigation/Failure Analysis
The aggregate that is received on premature withdrawal from the units is studied and the causes for defects/failures are investigated. Repetitive cases are taken up for in-depth study and modifications are incorporated in the units to minimize the recurrence of such defects/failures in future.

Product Training
The Division conducts various training programs for customers in specialized areas for better utilization of the products. The programs cover Weapon Systems, Auto Pilot Systems, Electrical Systems and Hydraulic Systems.

Positioning of Service Engineers
The Division has posted Service Engineers at various IAF bases to closely liaise and assess the requirement of the customers. Based on the feed-back received from these Service Engineers, the Division renders adequate support for fully utilizing the products.