Engine Division Koraput

We are focused on keeping our countries fleet flying high safely, efficiently and sustainably through operational services like Manufacturing and Overhaul. Our OEM expertise & Global footprint allow us to diversify at different capacities.

Our mission is to ensure productivity, repair and Overhaul, in-time supply and service support for our esteem customer.

We provide following services to our esteemed customer:
  •  Overhauling of R-25 Engines for MiG-21 Bison Aircraft.
  •  Manufacturing and Overhaul of RD-33 Ser. 3 Engine for MiG-29 Aircraft
  •  Overhauling of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) TG-16M
  •  Overhaul of Aircraft Accessory Gearbox (KSA-33)
  •  Overhaul of Fuel and Electrical Aggregates.
  •  Manufacture of Precision Components, Forgings and Castings.
  •  Design & Development of Tooling, Ground Handling & Supporting Equipment
  •  Customer support & Training
  •  Defect Investigation/Failure Analysis
  •  Site Repair